Checkout: Tanlines/Restless People


Tanlines, the Brooklyn-based dance music duo composed of Jesse Cohen and Erik Emm, is a Lookout favorite that seems to be popping up everywhere these days. While it can be difficult to define or label their bouncy, gleefully electro sound, some have settled on the term  "tropical disco." We think that fits quite nicely. Lately they've been blowing up, popping up on the Pitchfork and Fader sites, not to mention playing shows in New York with HEALTH and DJ/Rupture. Next, they come to Pop Montreal to fill out one of the festival's most intriguing double bills, where they will be opening for legendary Brazilian psych rockers Os Mutantes.

Meanwhile, Restless People , a Tanlines side project composed of both members plus some others, seems to be taking off as well. Check out their new single and let us know what you think!