Egyptian Hip Hop & LA Priest – Nifeo


When I first heard of Egyptian Hip Hop, I thought it was a genre, not a group. A quick Google search later, and up sprouted some links like a Wikipedia page on Egyptian hip hop (the genre) and an article titled "Hip Hop on the Nile." Okay okay, I'm clearly exaggerating, because this currently unsigned British group is not-so-slowly drifting further and further away from obscurity. Contagious beats and exotic sounds, combined with the fact that Egyptian Hip Hop is a youthful band with even more youthful ambitions, means that I have no doubts that this bunch will soon be propelled far into and beyond the blogosphere. Take a listen to a simultaneously dark and buoyant track by Egyptian Hip Hop and LA Priest that Fader called "an 11+ minute dark drum circle jam" (and they meant that in a good way).

Egyptian Hip Hop & LA Priest - Nifeo