Hudson Mohawke – FUSE


The whole Warp/LuckyMe/Wireblock family of artists and producers based out of the UK has me completely mesmerized at the moment. Every track sounds like it was put together by a grand summit in the International Space Station between Dilla, Madlib, Flying Lotus, and Aphex Twin as they orbit thousands of miles above Earth drinking syzzurp and adderall smoothies. I'm aware of the far-fetched nature of that last concoction, but how else do you account for the slow, unmistakeably stuttering beats cutting through the densely layered but laser-cut synth lines? The tracks come together like a barrage of focused intricacies. No one is quite sure what to call this shit, but Glasgow, LA, and Montreal are definitely killing it with new electronic artists pushing boundaries.

Of all the talented artists coming up through the UK scene, the most exciting might be the young Hudson Mohawke. His debut album, Butter, dropped just last month. Please, please, please don't make me beg: follow through to his myspace and cop the album in full. The track below, titled FUSE, is unlike anything I have ever heard. It sounds as if some one took a triumphant yet tinny 8-bit synth line from an old Zelda game, remastered it 1,000 times over, and crafted a goddamn anthem out of it. I've got nothing left in the tank to describe it, just listen...

Hudson Mohawke - Fuse