LOOKOUT Mix #10 – “Nebulous Fantasy” by Denis


Denis is a musical mind. Raised in Russia, he was imbued with an appetite for worldly things and women. Once in the USA, beneath the boardwalk at Coney Island, Denis became a curator of heavy classical, ghetto gypsy music, thugg'd out southern beats, with a encyclopedic knowledge of eff'd up foreign film dialogue . The laws of physics have no grip in his world as he channels the spirit of Forest Swords and ‘Does It Look Like I’m Here’ era Emeralds alongside house timbres, west-African shuffles, and  German children's bedtime funk.

As a resident UNO DJ, sense the camaraderie between this mix and fellow-city 'future shit' from Mr. UNO (Mix #8). Rolling with a hard crew of artists, punks and hobos, you may find Denis chasing photos of rats in the NYC subway, and taking off in a '95 Benz. When you bump this, imagine the handsome USSR animal in front of his iPad, pounding sounds through his monolithic monitors into the early Brooklyn morning.

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LOOKOUT Mix #10 - "Nebulous Fantasy" by Denis

Tracklist after the jump:

  1. GTO - Listen to the Rhythm Flow
  2. Bobby Beausoleil and the Freedom Orchestra - Punjab's Barber
  3. Sam Tiba - Zig Zag
  4. Capricorn - 20 Hz
  5. Booming Support- Rode Schoentjes
  6. Destiny's Child - Nasty Girl (Azza's Nu Soul Mix)
  7. Apotheosis - O Fortuna
  8. Fortuna feat. Satenig - O Fortuna
  9. Gala - Freed from Desire
  10. Britney Spears - Inside Out
  11. Ginuwine - I'll Do Anything
  12. edIT- Crunk De Gaulle
  13. DJ EFX - Is It Like My Dil-Doe?
  14. T2 - Heartbroken
  15. Criminal Minds - The Criminal
  16. Kingdom - Dreama
  17. Brad Fiedel - Reese Chased
  18. Drake - Crew Love
  19. DJ Nate - My Heart
  20. Justin Timberlake - Cry Me a River