MegaHurtz Madness 101 w/ Lunice + Nosaj Thing!


Nosaj Thing brings the gadgets when he goes big!

There is no way that anyone is adequately prepared for the Red Bull MegaHurtz Pop Montreal Show at Club Just For Laughs Thursday, October 1. Just to be clear, this will not be a normal show. This will be an overstimulating shot of adrenaline served straight through the eye, ear, and breastplate. It will only hurt a little but it's guaranteed to hurt so good!

Let's break down the logistics:

9 different artists, including acts like Megasoid, Grahmzilla, and Baretta, will take their turns at trying to blow out Club Just For Laughs' extensive sound system. Red Bull MegaHurtz aims to allow the forward-thinking artist to push the idea of live performance far past the typical set: 2 CDJ players and a pioneer 800 mixer.

Take a look at the Synced Visual Show by Nosaj Thing that is set to make its WORLD PREMIERE on October 1 at the Megahurtz:

Nosaj Thing Visual Show Compilation Test Shoot on Vimeo.

Likewise, the audience should experience a new expression of “electronic music” (house, techno, indie, nudisco, dubstep, electro, trance….), one that bends genres and senses in a unique display of creativity and technology. The result will be a high voltage, live event for the ears, eyes and mind.

Yes, there will be a visual component, but this ain't the dorky light show your weird 4th grade teacher with the harelip made you go on a field trip for. The MegaHurtz A/V experience is an unprecedented foray into what can be done visually in a live setting - literally.

After hearing those tunes supplemented by those visuals, we dare you to try to hold back. Lunice, MTL's own Street Bass pioneer, knows how to handle the MegaHurtz. After and before his set, don't be surprised to see these moves on the dancefloor:

If you see him, just give the man his space and let him go! Lunice's Lazerremix Vol. 2 drops this Saturday September 26. Stay posted!