Q&A: Montreal’s Lunice

LOOKOUT got a chance to shoot the shit with Montreal’s Turbo Crunk golden boy Lunice Fermin Pierre II before he heads out to the Red Bull Music Academy in London. Check out Lunice with Keys n’ Krates at Le Belmont on Friday, February 5!

LOOKOUT: First of all, big-up for earning a seat at the Red Bull Music Academy in London. What are you going to miss most about MTL and what are you looking forward to most in London?

LUNICE: What I'm going to miss: My girl & Poutine

What I'm looking forward to:

1. Energy Drinks + Studio Time

2. Collaborations / Meeting new people

3. Lectures / Workshops

4. Shows

5. Checking out the whole city!

LOOKOUT: Knowing that artists Hudson Mohawke and Flying Lotus came up out of the program you’re about to attend, how do you feel going in?

LUNICE: Beyond honored and continuously getting stoked! An over dosage of excitement knowing that a lot of dudes that I really look up to has gone through the RBMA.

LOOKOUT: Music in Montreal is in a strange juncture at the moment, coinciding with the end of the beloved Turbo Crunk nights and the rise of many of the artists behind it. Where do you see the Montreal scene headed over the next year?

LUNICE: Good question... I believe in the next year there will be many more shows catching on what Turbo Crunk has done in the past years plus more! Which is cool because it would help more people to become open minded to various genres of music.

LOOKOUT: Living in London puts you closer to your label Lucky Me’s headquarters. What’s going on with the LuckyMe collective in 2010? Any plans to head to the headquarters in Glasgow?

LUNICE: Yes actually. After the RBMA bidness, I'm going to head up to Glasgow for a few days to meet up with the fam and work on a video for my upcoming solo (still untitled) EP release on LuckyMe! Expect some cool moves and music ;) !

LOOKOUT: You’ve accrued some measure of internet fame with your dance videos on youtube, and B-boy culture has been a part of your development as an artist. As your career as a musician is starting to really take off, is the break-dance influence and passion still present for you?

LUNICE: For sure!!! I'll never ever ever ever ever stop Break-dancing no matter what! Breaking, to me, is like the foundation to most urban dance crazes you see out now! Every new young high school kid dance craze that pops out on Youtube always seemed to have some kind of Break-dance influence in it.