RBMA day 1-3

A little video to introduce From Montreal to London!!!

Alright! It's been a week so I'll be breaking this down in a few posts to not bore anyone with a massive wall of texts haha. So yeah, It's been a reallyyyyy tight schedule this past week but I've been writting down notes and thoughts this whole time. (I just wasn't able to post em because I always had to leave for some workshop, lecture, or meeting haha) So here we goooo with Day 1 to 3 in the RBMA!

Day 1

We started the day with a great tour around London learning about the historical music scene in London from the Psychedelic era to the Punk Rock era and beyond! At this time I was started to get to know the other participants!

Manzilla, Me, Cherry Chan

It was amazing to meet so many people with the same same views and ethics of music as I that it trully felt like I've known then for years despite it being our first time meeting for the first time ever!! At that very moment I just knew that I would have the most amazing and inspirational time of my life!

Day 2

So we had a tour around the whole building of the Academy and I have to say... We ALL weren't able to focus on making music until like day 4 or 5 for the reason that there's just SOOOO much equipment to mess with!

Here's just an example of one room:

Photo courtesy of RBMA

And here's an image that pretty much explains what I've been doing for the first few days haha... BY THE WAY I gotta do this one more time. I've been such a fan of Orisue's clothing for so long and NEVER in my life would I expect them to be down with my stuff and send me so much swagggg!!! So once again, THANK YOU DUDES FOR HOOKING THE SWAG UP!! <3

Photo courtesy of RBMA

And that's not all, there's this equipment room FULL of more gear you can borrow... Dream come true? YES.

Day 3

Ok! So we had our first lecture at the Academy and it was none other than Joe Goddard of Hot Chip! It was amazing to be just sitting in the same room with such a great artist already and let alone a lecture?! Haha. He was the best person to start the first lecture with. He was explaining to us about his creative process on writing and producing a song for a band. It was a really helpful and informative lecture! His notions on working on mixing different genres into one house track that he made was really dope!! It actually got me some ideas for my future tracks as I keep in mind what he was talking about.

After an AMAZING lunch (the chefs here make such good food hahaha Samiyam was right they ARE the "Redbull Food Academy" haha). We had a lecture from MODESELEKTOR!! They were such an inspiring duo. So funny and so amazing all at once haha. They were byfar the lecturers that I could relate to the most for the reason that they are simply just two dudes who just want to make bangers and make things that they feel. They're not as inclined in super crazy equipment and they're not at all super nerdy (or pretentious) when it comes to talk about gear because they simply just work with what feels right and this is exactly the kind of creative process I have too. And the real big reason why that lecture was such a huge push of inspiration and motivation to me was because they are just running on pure feel for music while using certain equipment that they'd absolutely need to accomplish a certain things.

By the way the homie Ango (another participant at RBMA term 2) filmed this reallyyyy dope video of them demonstrating their set at the lecture.

See you on the next posts!