RBMA day 4-5

Things started to come together at this point on...

Day 4

Robin's song writting/composition workshop was very intriguing and helpful! He was explaining the basics of composition and organizing certain kind of songs depending on how you want to the song to send off a certain kind of "feel".

Afterward, we had Roots Manuva as the next lecturer for that day and when we got the news about Roots Manuva, I was so excited! I'm a fan of his work and to be at such a personal level with him was really something to remember.

Day 5

After running from room to room and at some point me, Hudson Mohawke, 00Genesis, Swede: Art and Tokimonsta decided to work on a track but we only got as far as getting a drum sequence down before our short attention span just ended up with me, 00genesis and Swede: Art just jamming on that same drum loop haha... Yeahh. Here's the video of our little jam session:

Don Letts
Let's take a moment to look at this photo (taken from one of the photographers of RBMA)...

To see such living-legends sit infront of you and explain how they've started a massive cultural clash movement is beyond anything I can comprehend or feel at that very moment. Such an uplifting and inspiring moment to be there and to be lectured by such an experienced individual. He also has been working on a lot of video documentaries in which he would document the culture clash between Punk Rock and Reggae and how Bass (as in just the frequency itself) some how reunites all people. It was an amazing lecture!

After such an learning experienced lecture, we were blessed with the these two individuals who go by the name of Cluster...
Oh man. These guys… At first, I didn't know who the Cluster were but after knowing more about their historic background and how they've shaped and influenced music in such a unique way that I now see the whole music world as a direct inspiration from them. It is such a blessing to be able to sit in the same room as

They've changed my views and creative process of music forever.

Right after the Cluster lecture I immediately went to the studio feeling massively inspired by hearing some of Cluster's and Juan Son's (another Term 2 RBMA participant) work and here's what's going down with the first song of many so far. I'm mainly triggering some pre-recorded synth lines and drums I made while I'm improvising on the keys at the same time!

I've now decided to work on totally different genres of music while I still have the chance to and bring back all my ideas back to Montreal and incorporate everything I've experienced into the new songs I will be making ;) !! So keep an ear out for some new new!

See y'all on the next posts!


(All photos are courtesy of RBMA London 2010)