RBMA Spotlight: Lunice

Lunice Fermin Pierre II has taken over the asylum! In little over a year, he's taken hold of the electronic beats scene across Canada and the US, and set ears and heads ablaze with his mixture of beats, bass, and splintered electronica. Taking cues from Warp, Bangladesh, Dilla, and Ed Banger, Lunice knows exactly how to craft a recipe that makes dance floors bump and bass bins thump. With remixes forthcoming on Big Dada, Young Turks and a solo EP on LuckyMe, Lunice will be conducting the sound of clubland for a long time to come.

Check out one of his RBMA Radio mixes and an interview below!

Hey Lunice, can you tell us a little about yourself?
I'm 22, from Montreal, Quebec and I love rap music.

Congrats on the release of the Stacker Upper EP on LuckyMe Records. What made you want to release this EP?
Thanks! Releasing my first solo EP was one of my biggest goals since day one.  I've always had the idea of releasing an EP.  I felt that I wouldn't work on it until I feel that I'm ready and that the sound I'm experimenting on at that moment would make sense for a release. Now my next goal is to release another record!

You are so energetic on stage, not to mention your fancy footwork in LunicexLAZERSWORDS Gucci Sweatshirt . Do you feel live producers / DJs should look to become performers on stage?
Not really. Producers & DJs should do whatever seems to fit for their set. I never intended to "perform" on stage, it just sort of happened after numerous alcoholic drinks and me going in front wildin' out with the crowd and having the time of my life, haha.  I guess since I used to be a full-time B-Boy/dancer, I was naturally able to do cool moves which to me seemed like "whatever, I'm drunk" dancing, but to people it seemed like "whoa cool moves!". I'm used to performing infront of crowds at breakdance shows,so I've gotten used to sending a certain type of energy to the crowd and having them respond back in the same way.

Check out the remainder of the interview over  at Red Bull.

Bonus: Check out this video of Lunice breaking it down in his natural habitat!