Banana Split Sundae/Official Osheaga Closing Party!

Following the final day of this year's Osheaga Music Festival in Montreal, Blue Dog Banana Split Sundae hosted the festival's official closing party! All the bands were invited and more than a few showed up to party, including Amazing Baby, who laid down an impressive DJ set.


The crowd showed no signs of fatigue from all the Osheaga shows. Everybody in the room, and the room was packed, was hyped and ready to end the weekend on a banger note. The free giveaways from WESC and Amazing Baby (not to mention the free keg on the dancefloor) didn't hurt the mood, either.




Of course, no Banana Split Sundae is truly complete without a beserker set from residents/owners Team Canada. Grandtheft knows how to give the people what they want: the best party in Montreal and the perfect end to Osheaga!


Special thanks to Team Canada, Amazing Baby, and WESC for another great night at Blue Dog! Stay posted, there will be more coming soon...