It was my first time in Texas, and what a time it was. Not as many cowboy hats as I expected, but the best 4-day party I've ever been to. Highlight: Levis/Fader Fort, which is the best marketing campaign I've ever seen. Luckily for us, the campaign showcased some of the best artists out there right now and best of booze.  Nas, Damian Marley, GWAR, Bone Thugz were among the surprise guests. Also Montreal was in the place with CFCF and Poirier lining the bands with amazing DJ sets.

The highlights for me were the group of artists that critics have been deeming 'chillwave.' The leader of that pack, Washed Out played an amazing live set with Small Black and smacked down the critics by acknowledging the dancing crowd who were all but chilled out.  Others highly reccomended in that set are Pictureplane (Listen: "Goth Star") and Tanlines (Listen: "Real Life").

On to the next, The Very Best, stole the show everytime with beautiful vocals and banging beats that led to the crowd spontaneously rushing the stage during "Warm Heart of Africa (ft. Ezra of Vampire Weekend)" [< video of it happening]. That only led to The Very Best inviting everyone to get on their school bus around the corner, heading towards their hilltop, gated ranch out of town that their record label had rented.  That basically sums up the madness of the week.

I didn't make it on to the bus for reasons obvious in the last photo in this post.

Next year is a must. My photos of the raucousness below.