Download: Free EP from Teebs

Just in time for his show at Montreal's CFC this Friday, February 4, Teebs has unleashed a ton of new material into the wild, including a limited CD release of B-sides from his debut album Ardour and a free online EP of unreleased extras. Check below for download and purchase info.

The Ardour B-sides CD is limited to 150 handmade and painted copies, each selling for $7 and coming with a sticker and pin. Some real DIY shit! Though the album came out through Brainfeeder, Teebs is releasing this limited discs through his own My Hollow Drum imprint. The collection was released today on his blog.


1) Daedelus & Gaslamp Killer - Neck Feathers  (Teebs remix)
2) Probably
3) There Is A Difference (autumn's trash)
4) Blessed Assurance
5) Just For You (flipped gaby vocals)
6) Sunrise Remedy (new love)

The free EP, available here, consists of unreleased tracks and alternate cuts from Ardour, as well as a 15 minute radio mix for BBC Radio 1's Mary Anne Hobbs. Both releases are limited, so move quick! Whatever B-side CDs survive the week will be some hand-painted physical copies on sale at the show. The original Ardour, painted by Teebs himself, was gorgeous, so these are must-haves.