June 22, 2017 Banana Split Sundae is NîGHT TRACKîN’


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Banana Split Sundae is NîGHT TRACKîN’

June 22, 2017
Blue Dog Motel
3958 boul. St. Laurent / Duluth

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It's Sundae and we're getting fully splitted like NANA NANA NANA. Get to Blue Dog early, drink from the free keg and get down with baddest owners/residents ever in their own house!

Nighttrackin' comes together like Voltron on steroids! Composed of individual DJs Hovatron, Duvall, and Mofomatronix, Nighttrackin' brings together some of the most influential emerging artists in the 514. Anyone who's been to one of their insane Turbo Crunk parties knows what's up. When those three get sewn together like Frankenstein in the booth an angry, pants-shakin' mob appears on the dancefloor every time. Come check it out at Blue Dog Banana Split Sundae!