June 22, 2017 Banana Split Sundae w/ Skratch Bastid + Team Canada


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Banana Split Sundae w/ Skratch Bastid + Team Canada

June 22, 2017
Blue Dog Motel
3598 St. Laurnet / corner of Duluth

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Proudly brings you the man, the myth, the legend, who we forgive for recently leaving the french side for toronto.

SKRATCH BASTID (Montorontifax)

The Bastid has become one of Canada’s most in-demand DJs and respected producers. But it didn’t happen overnight. After pumping out mixtapes and earning a loyal following in his hometown of Halifax, Skratch began making an international name for himself through DJ competitions like the DMC, ITF and Cincinnati’s Scribble Jam, which he won three times. From there, the redhead went viral. Seriously, Youtube that shit. Now Skratch is hands down one of the biggest DJs in Canada, and plays some of the biggest shows and festivals across the country. You might find him in Brooklyn at The Rub, or alongside Team Canada at the Junos, or at Banana Split Sundaes on Sep 27th for the last stop on his canadian tour. Welcome back!

Get it in one day errly with Bobby Badonkers of Tokyo bartending fame, on the ones and twos.

Hosted by the tenors, altos, falsettos, and conductor of Effusion.


girls free / hombres 5$