LOOKOUT presents


November 27, 2010
Le Belmont
4483 St-Laurent


Midnight Juggernauts are an alternative dance/synth pop band which formed in Melbourne, Australia in 2004, They consist of Vincent Vendetta (vocals, keyboards), Andy Juggernaut, (bass, vocals) and Daniel Stricker (drums). They have been described by the American magazine “Rolling Stone” as “David Bowie if his Berlin Trilogy was a collaboration with Kraftwerk and Faust”. So far, the band have released two albums “Dystopia” (2008) and “The Crystal Axis” (2010)

They play dirty-organ-rock, stadium-disco-metal and sci-fi rollerskating jams. Beyond the sound and the fury, they take their listeners through landscapes haunted by Giorgio Moroder, ELO, and John Carpenter before entering the dark future world of Bronx Warriors 2020, as captured by a ’70s Italian film crew.

They were personally invited by French act Justice to tour North America with them in late 2007 leaving their mark at the CMJ music festival , later playing with !!!, Holy Fuck, Crystal Castles, Klaxons and label mate Surkin across the UK and Europe. Their debut album, Dystopia, was released in Australia in late 2007 on the band’s own label Siberia Records, with an international release with additional material to follow in April and May of 2008.


BIKINI is Nigel Diamond and Olivier Olivier. Their music is like Salinger on MDMA. Diamond is originally from Miami and Olivier was classically trained at the Royal Conservatory.

Olivier Olivier is the son of the late Indian poet Fateh Bains and moved to Canada where he attended Glen-Lyon Norfolk School, a school chosen for its musical program affiliated with the Royal Conservatory of Music. It was here Olivier met Nigel Diamond, who was sent down after he was expelled from his previous school.

It wasnʼt until after Glen-Lyon Norfolk that the two began to make music together. Olivier composes all the melodies in the fall of each year, drawing his inspiration from the poetry he writes during the summer. He records vocals, exports all his drafts without titles or form to Diamond. Diamond spends the following spring arranging Olivier's melodies, rhythm sequences and vocal treatments – adding his own lines. The result is a finished record. Nothing is sent back to Olivier. The songs are sent from Diamond to be mastered and released