April 14, 2011 Ramadanman + Zed Bias @ Club Lambi


LOOKOUT presents

Ramadanman + Zed Bias @ Club Lambi

April 14, 2011
Club Lambi
4465 St-Laurent

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Lookout & Music Is My Sanctuary present:

aka Pearson Sound (UK)

Ramadanman has been at the forefront of dubstep’s avant-garde for several years now, with his Hessle Audio imprint bringing the world groundbreaking cuts from the likes of TRG, Pangaea, Untold, and a certain James Blake, while his own percussive, electrifying music has graced the likes of Soul Jazz, 2nd Drops, Apple Pips, Monkeytown, Bpitch, and more; “Void 23,” Ramadanman’s collab with Appleblim, cut across the bass, house, and techno scenes to become one of last year’s biggest underground tunes. He is also the latest artist to provide a mix for the crucial FabricLive series...

aka Maddslinky (UK)

Zed Bias, meanwhile, has been twisting up heads for over a decade; his “Neighbourhood” remains one of UK garage’s most enduring classics, and his “Dark Swing” (recorded as Maddslinky) is a touchstone of the “nu dark swing” era. Both tracks were showcased on 2000’s Sound of the Pirates, a mix that perfectly summed up the sound of UK garage at the turn of the millennium and helped pave the way for the dubstep mutations to follow. More recently, he’s been ramping up his activities again with releases and remixes on Development Music, Compost, and Hospital Records.

& Local rude bwoys:

Rilly Guilty (Mtl, Lookout)
Lexis (Mtl, MusicIsMySanctuary.com)

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