Q&A: Grandtheft (of Team Canada)


LOOKOUT Presents: First off, congratulations on the new album! You’ve established a heavy precedent with your Classic Material series. What can we expect from the new record, Canadian Club?

Grandtheft:  Canadian Club, like our Classic Material series is comprised of all our remixes - so its almost like an album. It takes a long time to make a CD like that because we make every song. Also, like our past CDs, its a party! However, its not mashups or blends really - its mostly full-on production remixes. The disc represents our current live show i think... A lot of club remixes of classic rock songs (and a lot of Canadian music).

LP:    How did it come about that Kardinal Offishall would be hosting the album?

GT:    Kardi is a friend of ours and we have done a bunch of shows with him over the years. We arent into the gratuitous hiphop-mixtape hosting usually - this was a good fit because we are huge fans of what he does and Kardinal and his camp are fans of ours also.

LP:   Are you planning a formal release for the album? Where can we pick it up when it drops?

GT:   By the week of Sept 13, in Montreal, you will be able to get it at Off The Hook or at our club Blue Dog on St. Laurent. We are touringh Canada extensively over the next 2 months... best bet is to come to a show and grab a copy!

LP:    What can we expect from your forthcoming solo EP “The Big Dirty?”

GT:    While Canadian Club is comprised of more outright club music... some of my more indie and disco remixes I have been doing, I am releasing on this EP in later September. You will hear alot of the official stuff I have done for The Juan MacLean, Chester French, Thunderheist and disco bootlegs of Lykke Li and Santigold.

LP:   Team Canada is currently playing a 35 date tour over two months. How have the shows been so far? What’s your favorite city to play at?

GT:   We are just getting started. We love ALL our shows in Canada. Always slammed and a supergood time!

LP:   What does the future hold for your label Tremendous Records? What can we expect from the Pop Montreal Tremendous Records showcase?

GT:  I am sooo excited about the developments at the label... we have SO many great artists and releases coming. Do not miss the POP showcases at Studio JPR and Blue Dog... man we have some acts that will blow your mind. I promise.

LP:    You recently started a new band with Curtis Santiago called Pop Pop. What are the dynamics of the project? Are there any releases or shows forthcoming?

GT:   Our first single is called "Legoheart". It is dance-y and really melodic. Most of what we are doing is real musical... its hard to put a label on it. Like everything I am signing to Tremendous.. i guess its kind of future pop stuff.

LP:    By our count, you’ve got about 4 or 5 businesses and/or careers running simultaneously at this point, including the infamous Blue Dog Motel. What is your key to being so prolific and are there any more projects planned for the future?

GT:   The secret is having great partners. And sleeping very little. DR one is obviously a great DJ and business partner in Team Canada and the Blue Dog. Wes at the Blue Dog holds it down lovely in our absence. We run the Eh! Team with Solepower in Toronto - Dave and Abby help us to keep our artists organized and their schedules busy and profitable. At Tremendous Records I am blessed with two energetic, positive partners who see no limits: shouts to Jesper @ Ideal Friends (who is also my publicist) and Peter Wark. Making music, which I always make time for (usually instead of sleeping) is the one thing that I love to do myself :-)

And I have no intention of taking on too much more at this point. I want to focus on the madness at hand... I'm wicked excited about what looks to be an amazing year ahead.

BONUS: Check out this remix of Chester French's She Loves Everybody, to be featured on Team Canada's new Album "Canadian Club!"

She Loves Everybody (Grandtheft Remix)