Q&A: Keys N Krates

Keys N Krates is a group of  three musicians that have "re-invented the remix". By fusing hip hop, electronic music, turntablism and instrumentation, KNK produces an innovative sound and energy that pumps up any party.  If you were lucky enough to be at House nightclub on Sunday night, you witnessed KNK throw down an insane set of their live remixes, in front of a great crowd. Everyone was really into the music, and even KNK's tour buddies, Love & Electrik, were snapping pics and grooving after their own set. Check out Lookout's quick Q&A with the members of Keys N Krates: DJ Jr. Flo, Matisse and Adam Tune.

Lookout: You’re about to embark on the “Masters of Remix” Canadian Tour. What are you looking forward to the most about touring?

Tune:  Probably getting to hit all of these places in Canada that we've never been before.  Also getting to tour with such a talented cast of people doesn't hurt either.

Lookout: With DJ Jr. Flo on the turntables, Matisse on the keys and Tune on the drums, what do you each bring to the table as musicians?

Matisse:  I think it just allows us all to bring our own vantage points to the music.

Lookout: You claim to “bridge the gap” between live instrumentation, turntabilism and the technology of electronic music. Is this a first in your opinion? What does this add to the experience and energy of your show?

Flo:  Yah it kind of is.  We use live instruments (tables, keys, drums), in a live analog, but add the dynamics of dance/electronic music through our energy and the use of effects.  When we say "Live Re-Mixing" we literally mean live, because pretty much everything your hearing we are doing right before your eyes.

Lookout: I know you’re all Toronto’s own, but what do you enjoy about the Montreal audience?

Flo: Probably the poutine...

Matisse:  Good energy.