Q&A: Nosaj Thing

The  Red Bull Megahurtz event is just around the corner now and if you're as excited as we are about it than you are just counting down the hours (23) until the shit hits the fan. Musical modulator and charming innovator Nosaj Thing (a.k.a. Jason Cheung) hails from the City of Angels, just dropped his first full length LP, Drift, and is en-route to melt faces with the debut of his Sync Live AV set at Megahurtz. One of Lookout's own got the chance to ask Nosaj Thing some questions. Look below for the interview.


Lookout: Just to start off, the demo video for your new Synced Visual Show is absolutely mind blowing. What was the inspiration for bringing such innovation to the live show, how exactly do you manipulate visual features, and are you excited to debut the show at MegaHurtz?

Nosaj Thing: I got inspired to do a live visual show after seeing Cornelius play a couple years ago. It was the idea of creating an experience instead of the just having the typical visuals for the music. The whole show came together naturally...my girlfriend, Julia Tsao and our friend Adam Guzman are currently in the media design program and Art Center College of Design. Julia has an interest in experience design and Adam is interested in tying his visual work with music. We just kept building ideas and created clips using Adobe After Effects. The show is controlled with Modul8 and M-Audio midi controllers. We are very excited that we are getting this amazing opportunity to makme this show come to life.

Lookout: You recently dropped a new album, titled Drift, alongside some serious remixes for Flying Lotus and Daedelus. Is there an aspect of the production spectrum, original or remix, that you prefer to work with?

Nosaj Thing: It's fun to work on remixes because the challenge but I prefer to work on original music. Writing music is therapeutic for me and I feel most satisfied when starting with a blank canvas.

Lookout: There seems to be a lot of synergy within LA's creative community, as evidenced by your collaboration with LA institution Undefeated, which put out a limited edition shirt in honor of you album Drift. What has it really been like coming up and living in Los Angeles?

Nosaj Thing: I've been living here all my life and I've been exposed to music everywhere I go. I got into hip hop when I was in 4th grade! My school's bus driver always had the local hip hop radio station locked. This was when the Beat Junkies were the residents. Right now, the community is so rich with amazing artists and it's been very inspiring for everyone.

Lookout: You're coming off a big year, including a new album, seemingly nonstop tour dates, and the development of a whole take on the live show. What does the coming year hold for you?

Nosaj Thing: I started working on my next album and hope to do more live shows with the visual concept.

Interview by Liam O'Keef