Interview: Poirier, Montreal’s bridge burning bassmaker


Before hosting Mr. Poirier at Banana Split Sundaes, we took a sec for a quick interview with a Poirier, a Montreal local with a big buzz on the internat. music scene.

How did the original Bridge Burner party, your collaboration with Khiasma and Megasoid, come about?

It was initially Rob's idea (aka Speakerbruiser from Megasoid) . In May 2007 he took his van under the Van Horne overpass, set up his gear and sound system with his Megasoid partner Hadji and played music in front of 250 people until the police shut it down. A month later, Rob was excited to repeat the experience and it's at that moment that Khiasma and I got involved since we're all friends and since we like to push urban music in many directions. It was for St-Jean. Word of mouth and Facebook helped to spread the word. We played from midnight until 2am. The police were very cool about it because they said they're more permissive when it's the St-Jean holiday. They let us play for 2 hours and stayed around the event without disturbing us. About 1500 peoples came and it was a huge success. So that was the second one, but for many peoples they refer to St-Jean 2007 as the first Bridge Burner.

There was a huge response for this year’s Bridge Burner, how did you feel the show went?

It was way more than what I expected. I mean, I was expecting lots of peoples, but not that amount ! 5000 ! Everything went very well and I was happy that we all played 2 sets of 50 minutes. The first set of each was more mellow, block party style, and the second set was more dancefloor oriented. We played a total of 5 hours, the event was free and the vibe was very good. I think the point about Bridge Burner is to have an outdoor DJ-oriented event on the Québec national day--something that nobody else really offers.

You’ve had a pretty busy year, releasing remixes, playing some big shows, and coming off a string of original releases. What’s been driving this prolific output and what’s next?

I like music a lot, it's a passion, and the more you do, more you wanna do. It's just a positive circle. Everything is related and helps to drive the next thing, the next move. I've got so many ideas--it's non-stop.

Through all your experiences, what is your favorite city to play to? Is Montreal any different than the others?

Montreal is different because it's my "laboratory", this is where I test my stuff--it's where I built what I do and it's where I'm building the future. I like playing in San Francisco, Edmonton, London and Bristol in UK, Malmö in Sweden. It's playing in all different contexts that brings me good experiences. But just naming a few cities doesn't do justice to all the good promoters and to all the nights that I've played at.

VIDEO: Poirier - Get Crazy (ft. Mr. Slaughter)