LOOKOUT Mixtape #7: Tronald Trump

Photo by Karel Chaldek

LOOKOUT Mixtape No. 7: "For Each Other" mixed by Tronald Trump

LOOKOUT Mixtape #7: "For Each Other" by Tronald Trump

Montreal native Tronald Trump is a man of many different styles/sounds/flavors. Over the last 8 years he has been earning his stripes playing clubs, bars, backyards, basements, fashion shows... You name it!

Getting put on by Skratch Bastid at his infamous Thursday night at Blizzarts, Tron got to flex what he had for a demanding crowd all while having one of the best mentors a thriving DJ could ask for. With this more moves were made, having known Guilty for years they decided to started up there own weekly night at Lola Lounge (RIP). This led to regular gigs around the city including the late great CODA (I will never forget that night with the legend Dj Premier), some only pictures could explain all night house jams, and he was on the Le Spank (Saturdays at Blue Dog) team during it's nearly 3 year run.

No matter how chique or shitty, the setting doesn't matter as much when you got the right music.

Download the latest Lookout mix, a combination of heavily hip hop influenced House music and anything else that is groovy enough.

And if you want to dance make sure to catch Tronald Trump along with Guilty at Velvet (426 Rue Saint Gabriel) on Saturday April 16th...

Tracklist after the jump:

1. Juicy Fruit (Calm Down Winter Bootleg) - Doctor Dru & Adana Twins
2. Dorothy Parker (Guilty Redeedit) - Prince
3. My House (Leo Zero Remix) - Hercules and Love Affair
4. Shake it - Shab Ruffcut
5. By my side - Phil Weeks
6. Hudson square - Homework
7. Jellyjazz (Mr. Ho Remix) - Camel
8. Spooky Dusty - Joyce Muniz
9. Jazzy Jeff - Morning Factory
10. Can you jump - Idiotproof & Eats Everything
11. Heaven and Hell - Luca Lozano
12. Light Again (KiNK remix) - Jackname Trouble
13. After Laughter - Filtertypen
14. Sungrazer Cascade - Lone