VIDEO: “ACheerlaeder” by Bikini

Bikini’s latest video, “ACheerlaeder”, features various scenes from Woody Allen’s 1998 black and white film Celebrity. Much like the film sequence, “ACheerlaeder” is something of a dramatic disorder. Through cut and paste elements, “ACheerlaeder” rides with, but simultaneously romanticizes the drama, domestic violence and glitzy drug life of Celebrity, through the intensifying and passionate track.

The opening pulses of the beat rush alongside Leonardo DiCaprio’s physical blows. To come is the poppy, upbeat chorus that seems misplaced in the midst of this overall chaos-ridden circus episode. As the song builds, the clips become more and more choppy and repetitive. The song’s varying intensities slow and build faultlessly with the level of sex and violence in the clips. In the coda, as the beat builds to its climax, the video slices and dices with increasing speed, leaving the viewer finding it hard to navigate the content. Nevertheless, the beats are simultaneously in line with the movements of the Allen scenes, to close in a chaotic abruptness without diminuendo.

The clip burrows itself within the song that bloggers have been uneasy to classify into a genre. “ACheerlaeder” is a lo-fi song comprised of self-made beats, a poppy chorus and, whatever the hell it is, it’s one of those tracks that spins and stimulates. Impose Magazine called it a “gauzy ambient” that’s “sample-based, textured pop.”