Let’s go: Lunice, live from the RBMA in London.

We going all up in this London bidness for the Red Bull Music Academy!

But first, I want to give my biggest hollers and thanks to the Lookout fam and Orisue Clothing for swagging me up a hundred thousand trillion bazillion with their new Spring 2010 collection..!! Let's get it!

Now for a quick introduction:

The name's Lunice (real name & stage name because I'm bad at coming up with rad names haha) and I love rap music, breakdancing, graffiti and scratching. In other words, I love HIP HOP ;). Though I've especially been on the "Jerk" tip lately and lots of hyphy is never enough hyphy for a dude. So basically what's going to go down here is that I will be posting pictures, video and writting about random thoughts and events while I'm there at the RBMA! So here's the plan... Redbull drinks + Studio time = "I'M GOING IN!!!" - Dj Khaled

LONDON I SEE YOU! ... In the next 16 hours!

Oh and y'all can follow me on twitter as well.!


P.S.: This is going to be my anthem while I'm there.