Official Peaches Afterparty

peachesafterparty_flyer2"The Taco Boys" True Identity Concealment Pending Mexican Border Patroullllle.


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Banana Split Sundae/ HEALTH after-party

Note on the night: Great Concert but bummer in the summer.

Although they wanted to party, Health had to jet canada quick after the show because the RCMP was after them for turning right on red on the island of montreal.  Next time.

Hope you're ready for another bangin' Sundae at the Dog. This week's Banana Split is bringing the heat with DJ sets from the demented musical minds of HEALTH and CFCF


HEALTH have been getting mad love on blogs all across the world ever since Crystal Castles dropped one of the catchiest remixes in recent times of their song "Crimewave" and are only melting more faces on their sophmore album Get Color. Thankfully, HEALTH show no sign of slowing down and are adding fuel to dance-floors everywhere with stunning songs like "Die Slow" and "Before Tigers". The remixes take already danceable songs and bring them to new hip-shaking heights with poppy touches added by the likes of CFCF. HEALTH are coming to Blue Dog after their show on Sunday at La Sala Rossa to party and bullshit and will be deftly spinning bangers through the night.


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with his ill remixes and is stopping by Blue Dog to drop knowledge on the dancefloor. He stands solid ground in the electro scene supported by his high-profile remixes HEALTH, Crystal Castles, Lil' Wayne, The Presets, The Teenagers, DATAROCK, and Memory Cassette. CFCF will be dropping his debut LP, Continent, on Paper Bag Records October 27. His sorcery of sound is about to be all up in Blue Dog's grill this Sundae, but until then check out one of his remixes of HEALTH's tracks.

07 Triceratops (Cfcf Rmx)

As always, there will be a free keg on the dancefloor.

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Banana Split Sundae is NîGHT TRACKîN’


It's Sundae and we're getting fully splitted like NANA NANA NANA. Get to Blue Dog early, drink from the free keg and get down with baddest owners/residents ever in their own house!

Nighttrackin' comes together like Voltron on steroids! Composed of individual DJs Hovatron, Duvall, and Mofomatronix, Nighttrackin' brings together some of the most influential emerging artists in the 514. Anyone who's been to one of their insane Turbo Crunk parties knows what's up. When those three get sewn together like Frankenstein in the booth an angry, pants-shakin' mob appears on the dancefloor every time. Come check it out at Blue Dog Banana Split Sundae!