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Machinedrum has collected new faces, aliases, and styles on a pace with most KGB agents. Throughout his entire career, Machinedrum, né Travis Stewart and AKA too many other pseudonyms to count, has jumped from subgenre to subgenre whenever it suited him, systematically dismantling the barriers between each and pooling together the remaining elements to create his own distinct blend of production styling. Though his earlier work veered between either dusty or glitchy breakbeats and a heavier left-field club approach, the new album Room(s) appears to have been inspired from his work as part of the duo Sepalcure, his side project with Praveen Sharma (AKA Braille). Like Sepalcure’s Love Pressure EP, Room(s) deals in starkly churning bass warmed and consumed by swarms of disembodied pathos. Machinedrum’ past stops in Montreal’s have displayed a special resonance with the city’s electronic scene (perhaps because of his ties to LuckyMe). Coming off the most seminal and productive stretch of his career, this show looks to be particularly meaningful


MP3: Machinedrum - “TMPL”

VIDEO: Machindrum - “Whatchuthinkin” (feat. Tiombe Lockhart)

STREAM: Room(s) full album


Chrissy Murderbot


Though the “novelty” of merging miscellaneous micro-genres of dance music may have lost a touch of luster in recent times, Chicago-based DJ and producer Chrissy Murderbot’s absurd enthusiasm keeps his scene-melding techniques innovative and inviting. His recently released 3rd album, Women’s Studies, uses the beloved Chicago institutions of house, footwork, and juke as percussive structures to support accented forays into garage, dancehall, jungle, and rave. Chrissy Murderbot’s energy is infectious; in addition to handling remixes for acts like Delorean, Lemonade, and Warrior Queen, he spends his time on the road for an endless stream of shows and events, providing a pan-global middle ground between established legends and new jacks alike.


Rilly Guilty

Seb Diamond

Sibian & Faun


September 10, 2011, 22h

El Gallego - 4487 St-Laurent


10$ advance

Tickets available

MOOG Audio, Phonopolis, Atom Heart, Off The Hook, Aux 33 Tours

Online: via PayPal