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Friday, November 19

Le Belmont, 4483 St. Laurent, Montreal, QC

Doors: 22H-3H


Taking cues from Spain’s native Balearic beat, Madchester house, techno, R&B and indie rock, Delorean carves out a sunny sweet spot between the stage and the dance floor.

Delorean formed in 2000, in the Basque coastal town of Zarautz, as the outlet for a group of teenagers wrapped up in their local punk scene. Eventually, though, bassist/singer Ekhi Lopetegi, drummer Igor Escudeo, keyboardistUnai Lazcano, and guitarist Guillermo Astrain began exploring their mutual interest in electronic music. After moving to Barcelona in 2007, they focused on computer-based writing and production, and started their own eclectic club night, Desperrame, as an antidote to the relative darkness of the techno scene. Like-minded clubgoers expanded Delorean’s rich palette of influences, and their remixes for bands like the XX, Cold Cave, Franz Ferdinand, Lemonade, El Guincho, and Glasser provided the band with playgrounds for digital experimentation to hone their own sound. Last year’s lauded Ayrton Senna EP took them further away from their rock influences and toward the euphoric club-inspired sound that feels like their destiny all along.


Only two weeks into their existence, San Francisco-based psych-electronic trio Lemonade coalesced remarkably fast and performed their first show in 2005. The group- comprised of childhood friends Callan Clendenin (vocals), Alex Pasternak (percussion) and Ben Steidel on bass-did not have grand expectations for the project outside of exploring their shared vision of a place that they have never been: a fantasy landscape that is at once gritty and pristine, tropical and foreboding.

Inspired initially by their interest in drone music, dancehall, and Pasternak’s training in Arab and Latin music, they allowed spontaneity, improvisation and intuition to be their fulcrum, allowing them to experience the energy ofmusic-making without having to adapt to the expectations of a rock band. They have since incorporated influences from the spectrum of electronic music, taking cues from the burgeoning UK grime and dubstep scenes, as well as acid house, minimal techno, and the early ‘ardkore anthems of Suburban Bass and XL Recordings. While rooted in DIY/hardcore pathos, Lemonade has come to embrace elements of rave culture historically unpopular in the punk community.


Formed at the tail-end of 2008 as a bedroom recording project, Small Black first made waves with their eponymous debut EP. Recorded in the attic of singer Josh Kolenik's uncle's remote Long Island beach-house/surfboard workshop, it served as an ideal introduction to the group with its pulsing patchwork synths and addictive, stay-gold hooks that seemed to unfurl themselves gradually over repeated listens. Slightly more immediate and polished than its predecessor, Small Black's new album New Chain remains a continuation of this contrasting ethos – a delirious smudging of the lines between melancholy and nostalgia, tension and celebration, unabashed pop music and experimentation.


Class Actress is: Guilty Pleasure. NSA dance music. Casual Encounters. Stalker Pop. «Depeche Mode meets early Madonna and Five Star as played on KTU Radio in the leather backseat of a cab». Class Actress is not: Acting Class.

DOOR: $18


MOOG AUDIO 3828 Saint-Laurent               514.284.7434
ATOM HEART 364-B Sherbrooke E             514.843.8484
OFF THE HOOK 1021a Sainte-Catherine O   514.499.1021
CHEAP THRILLS 2044 Metcalfe                        514.844.8988
KAPOK 1069 Laurier O                      514.507.0769



Back 2 School Traxxx

Welcome back young scholars, connoisseurs, club rats, delinquents, hoodlums, miscreants, and ne'er-do-wells to the city of sin. Summer vacation is winding down, but the hottest and sweatiest time of the year is just starting. Before you get all nostalgic and misty for summer loving on us, LOOKOUT has got a lot coming up this year to satisfy your carnal urges for late nights, loud music, and all that jazz. To ease your segue into the coming months of juggling school, work, and raucous we graciously present a Back 2 School mix of some of the most excellent tunage we've heard this summer.

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"Nordic Laurel", Baths

Coming out of Los Angeles, Will Wiesenfeld, aka Baths, composes lush beatscapes littered with boom bap drums, organic samples, and high pitched vocals to create something in between pop and glitch hop. He dropped one of my favorite albums of the summer, the album Cerulean.

Baths - Nordic Laurel by Hypetrak

"Bombay", El Guincho

Spanish musician Pablo Díaz-Reixa, who goes by the moniker El Guincho, crafts a steel drum driven, bass drum bangin', rump shakin' jam that fits somewhere in between funk, tropicalia, and dance music. See him in MTL on September 29 at the Belmont.
El Guincho - Bombay by Ragged Words

"Real Love", Delorean

The talented Spaniards tactfully meld house synths with pop sensibilities. If you caught Delorean in Montreal, you got to see that they truly love their art. If you missed them, then you can catch them November 19 at the Belmont.
Delorean- Real Love by matadorrecs

"Photojournalist", Small Black

Small Black, formerly Washed Out's backing band on tour, will be playing the November 19 show with Delorean at the Belmont. The drums that drop in the chorus cripple me.
Small Black- "Photojournalist" by Marco Collins

"Baby (El-P Death Mix)", Justin Bieber

"Sometimes we do have to cry over Justin Bieber"- Jimmy Kimmel. El-P mixes Paul McCartney/Wings' "Live and Let Die" with Bieber to give us an excuse to listen to the Canadian boy wonder.
Justin Bieber - Baby (El-P Death Remix) by Crossfire Music

"Wet Hair (Japandroids Cover)", Teen Daze

Coming out of Vancouver, Teen Daze have been churning out many a blogworthy hit this summer. They've been producing remixes for bands like Yeasayer, Local Natives, and Young Liars, as well as creating their own songs.
Teen Daze - Wet Hair (Japandroids Cover) by Hypetrak

"Precious Necklace (Cherry Chapstick RMX)", Silly Kissers

Cherry Chapstick produce a disco-house remix of Silly Kissers' "Precious Necklace" to keep heads bobbing. Don't miss Montreal's own Silly Kissers playing the Arbutus Records Showcase on October 1 at Rialto Theater.
Silly Kissers - Precious Necklace (Cherry Chapstick RMX) by Silly Kissers

"Don't Turn The Lights On (Aeroplane Remix)", Chromeo

Montreal's foremost purveyors of dance music, Chromeo, have got another album coming out, called Business Casual. If "Night By Night" and "Don't Turn the Lights On" are any indication, this album is sure to be a highlight of the year. Aeroplane give the first single the remix treatment, adding more of a extra disco feel.

Chromeo - Don't Turn The Lights On (Aeroplane Remix) by Chromeo

"Tomboy", Panda Bear

Animal Collective's Noah Lennox, AKA Panda Bear, will be dropping his album Tomboy on Paw Tracks in September. Be sure to check out the tripped out visual album, ODDSAC, by Danny Perez and Animal Collective. After hearing this track, I'm confident this album will not disappoint.
Panda Bear - Tomboy by newtigerhearts

"Spanish Sahara (Mount Kimbie Remix)", Foals

Mount Kimbie, hailing from London, remix this track off of Foals' most recent LP Total Life Forever. The duo add a nice slightly tribal feel to the song to make a relaxing track. Catch Mount Kimbie October 2 at the Belmont.
Foals - Spanish Sahara (Mount Kimbie Remix) by fabric

"ACheerleader", Bikini

Last,  but certainly not least, the duo behind Bikini, Nigel Diamond and Olivier Bonnard, are on our watch list; not just because its Bikini season, but because the dudes know how to make some seriously catchy music. Bikini - ACheerlaeder by KeeganDotCom

P.S.  If you have not yet picked up your copy of Arcade Fire's The Suburbs, do that. Now.

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Photos: Passion Pit (DJ) + Delorean

First, it was the Passion Pit afterparty, with Shuttle (drummer) DJing at Blizzarts.  The night after, Delorean and Glasser of True Panther Sounds put us in a live dance trance. Montreal, Jul 12 & 13.

More photos of Delorean at Goldzmine

Interview: Delorean on “Subiza” and the problem with summer music

Photo by Chus Anton

Barcelona's Delorean has been constantly evolving as a band for the better part of a decade. Together they have grown from their abrasive punk roots to assemble their most recent full-length release, Subiza, a triumphant fusion of the band's beloved Iberian club music sounds and traditional pop sensibilities. Delorean's pristine sense of production, bubbling synth melodies and gently pounding percussion makes for a synthetic yet somehow wholly natural absorption into bliss. With the wild success of Subiza, as well as their immensely popular remixes for groups like The xx, Lemonade, Franz Ferdinand, and the Teenagers, the quartet have been receiving attention on the world stage.

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When I rang up the band's frontman Ekhi, Delorean's vocalist and bassist, I could barely hear him. He politely said it was too noisy, and to hold up a second so that he could find a quieter place. The hustle and bustle of life on the road is a sign and symptom of where Delorean is as a band now and where they're hoping to reach.  After Ekhi nestled himself into a calmer space, we chatted about the natural evolution of the band's sound, their new album, and the trouble with "summer music."

You can check out Delorean’s Montreal show (with Glasser) on July 13th 2010 at Le Belmont.

LOOKOUT: You’re in the U.K. now. How has that been?

Ekhi: Yeah, we’re in London. We played here last autumn. It’s really cool. We’re playing in really nice venues and there’s a lot going on right now in the city. They’re taking care really good care of us here so it’s great.

LOOKOUT: Your most recent album, Subiza, is heavy on electronic-yet-breezily-organic dance pop songs. How has the sound of the band evolved through your various releases?

Ekhi: You know, Delorean, we were a punk band before. But as a band, we’ve been together for nine years, so the evolution has been very natural. We got together as teenagers and nine years is a long time. We’re a band that wants to try different things all the time. It’s kind of natural. I don’t know, it’s not something we think about. It wasn’t a conscious decisions, so that makes the evolution not a hard thing to do.

LOOKOUT: Your music has a blissful, uplifting essence, which has led the tracks on Subiza to be described as the epitome of “summer” music. What do you think about a classification like that?

Ekhi: When we make music, we’re looking for something that will lift you up and that will move you. I’m not sure if, as a band, that relates to the beach or the summer. Our music is very bright and I understand that people can relate that to the summer. I respect it and I understand it and I definitely see the resemblance, but, for us, it’s more in terms or something that to is able to lift you and keep you going. But, you know, consciously, we’re not making a summer album.

LOOKOUT: What’s the biggest challenge of being on tour?

Ekhi: The biggest challenge is to be fearless and to take a chance and to  feel that the next time you play your song, you’ll be better than before. That time that you played last month or two years ago, you want to make it bigger and bring in more people. You hope that that there will be more people and that they enjoyed the show and that they will spread the word. Reaching more people, getting more people to go to your shows—that’s challenging. And you have to be fearless about it. Having some sort of relationship with the audience is important. You need to feel that there’s something happening, and the audience notices that.

LOOKOUT: How important is the live experience for the band? Do you take into account how your music is going to sound live when you’re making it?

Ekhi: When we made the record, we didn’t care about how it sounded live. We wanted to pay attention to the song itself rather than the execution of the song. We recognize that the fact that we’re not paying attention to how the song would sound, like, is some sort of handicap or limitation. But if you don’t think about it, about how your song is going to work live, you’re more free to make music however you want to.

LOOKOUT: We're all looking forward to your show in Montreal. Have you played a show alongside Glasser before?

Ekhi: Yeah, we’ve played with her once at CMJ. She’s amazing. She’s one of our favorite bands. It’s going to be awesome.

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Delorean + Glasser LIVE


Barcelona's Delorean mine a territory between dance music and independent pop, producing a sound that is distinctly theirs. This is the record it took Delorean 10 years to evolve into, a fusion of dance music (including their native Spanish Balearic house) and contemporary pop music. The dance-club rhythms and airy melodies they've toyed with in the past are fused and textured, making for a deeply obsessive, hypnotic album that retains the easy appeal of great pop music. Looking at 30+ years of club music history with fresh eyes, Delorean have made an album that is dense and soulful. Our first listen to Subiza was exhilarating, every subsequent listen is a revelation.



10.63$ +tx +sv


In Stores:

MOOG AUDIO 3828 Saint-Laurent 514.284.7434
ATOM HEART 364-B Sherbrooke E 514.843.8484
OFF THE HOOK 1021a Sainte-Catherine O 514.499.1021

DOOR: 15$