Video: Eli Escobar, “Love Thing Pt. III” + New EP

Eli Escobar is at the top of my favorite DJ/Producers list. When I think of nightlife in New York, Esco is pretty much the cornerstone of summers spent back home. I've been waiting for this EP for awhile, and on its release one thing is for sure - dude can do no wrong.  If you ever get the chance,  do yourself a favor and dance at a club Eli is playing at. Also, watch this video directed by Francisco Soriano, another cool guy.

Eli Escobar Download from Delancey Music Service


Tokyo Thursdays is over for the week, but that only means it's time to start pumping yourself up for next Thursday. Lookout is presenting a major soirée and we've all got the ultimate task to show NYC local and top of the line DJ and producer, Eli Escobar, that Canadians know how to rock it till we drop it. Eli Escobar and Stretch Armstrong put together a weekly radio show called Delancey Music Service for East Village Radio in NYC. Eli posts his sets on his blog, Outside Broadcast, after the fact. Get yourself familiar with Eli's sound and download the free show from October 19th,  here. It's just under two hours of the crème de la crème of music. Cool, huh?

Track List:

Pet Shop Boys - Rent (FK Remix)
Black Meteoric Star - World Eater
Art Of Tones - Call The Shots (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix)
Jackson 5 - Life Of The Party (Moxie Version)
Special Guest Omar Doom Interview
Omar Doom - Too Much
Osborne - The Count
Still Going - Spaghetti Circus
Eli Escobar - Good Time
Dances With White Girls Interview
Exclusive Dances Set
Bit Thief - Untitled
Club Feet - Count Your Lovers (Bit Theif remix)
Nic Sarno - Perculator
Tittsworth - Here He Comes (Stretch and Jaimie Fanatic Remix)



Every thursday in the sideroom at Tokyo Thursdays, land yourself on Cloud9 in the Champagne (side)Room at Tokyo.  Nothing in your face, just quality, rock and dance music, brought to you by residents Jonn Webb + CFCF and more.  Its spacious, its lovely, its Cloud9.

To kick things off LOOKOUT presents Eli Escobar, one of NYC's finest DJ's, coming next week to blow up your favourite Thursday night spot, Tokyo. Dude's been around the block; he's produced beats for the likes of MF Grimm, Juggaknots, and has more focussed on gyrating hips round the world via the sensual sounds of house music. We've sounded off about his remix of Phoenix's "Fences" a little bit ago. You may have heard his show on on East Village Radio with his Deckstar label mate DJ Stretch Armstrong, The Delancey Music Service, which takes place on Mondays from 10 PM- 12 AM. Read on for a variety of ill drops from this banger machine...

Also, on this night WeSC will be launching their new Holiday Line.

Expect some giveaways, and some festive fashion.

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Phoenix – Fences (Eli Escobar Remix)

Duuude, another smash jam by the dude Eli Esco.

Phoenix - Fences (Eli Escobar Remix)

Somebody special got me his "Glass House" 12" vinyl out on Plant Music, b-side featuring XXXchange remix - get that at Turntable Lab.

Eli Escobar x XXchange

Two of my favorite producers that are always putting out quality, non-disposable dance music. Big fan of nearly everything they do musically, and as an ex-pat glad these guys hold down the goodness of nyc.  This is Eli's original production for his track "Glass House" which has an amazing video that we posted awhile back.  Reworked by Alexxxchange in his titled "Yoga Mom in a Blender Remix".

Eli Escobar -->
XXXchange -->