Frappe Special Blend Saturdays


Every so often, the constellations collab to produce the chillest, illest, most laid back dance party this side of palestine. If you've already been, you already know.

This week, our stars and shit are quite in line.

Ben Foldy aka Ayatollah Chowmeini spinning only the finest disco / rock / indie / hip hop that exists on vinyl,
with six pool tables, foosball, cheap drinks and cheap thrills

no cover,
no coat check,
no kanye.

We're doing ourselves (no homo) one bigger this time with everything you love. if you are fashionable, come fashionably late at 12 for some pool cue chalkin’, disco dancin’, rainbow stylin’, cheap drink buyin’, revelrous good times with friends, family and acquaintances you could get to know better.

pitchers of beer $11 // shots of jack $4

- from russia with lots o' love