Keys N’ Krates

Keys N' Krates are a difficult act to explain.  "Live Remixing," their preferred nomenclature for their style of music, doesn't really do justice in conveying the nature or amplitude of what they're capable of.  The dynamic with Lunice, the upcoming show's other act, will definitely spin off into hysterics - imagine seeing Lunice playing one of his amazing sets, chopping samples and blowing out speakers, and then getting to witness Keys N' Krates come out and drop an equally crushing set backed with live instruments. Insane! Since they're primarily a live band, check out these videos to get a hold on the magnitude of their act.

@superfun x Keys N Krates from @superfun on Vimeo.

High Pressure Times

This song is one of my favorite "internet digs"(?) of all time. A couple years ago I found this song on Lovefingers.  Track mislabling led me to a dead end when I tried to find more info, but alas, now there is a whole Wikipedia article on The Units - "a defunct, early Electronic music/punk rock/New Wave/Synthpunk band founded in San Francisco in 1978." There is something profoundly awesome in the raw synths.

On discovery, I sent it over to DJ Grandtheft, who breathed some current dancefloor life into it.

The title and the sound resonate.

The Units - High Pressure Days (1979)

The Units - High Pressure Times (Grandtheft Remix)

One Day – The Juan MacLean (Grandtheft Extended Dub Mix)


Grandtheft is a busy man these days, what with his nonstop touring as part of the infamous Team Canada DJs, his own burgeoning career as a producer, running his startup Tremendous Records imprint, and holding down the beloved Blue Dog Motel on Duluth and St. Lo. Above all, however, he remains a student of the game and shows it with this proper remix of The Juan MacLean's track "One Day" from the legendary record label DFA. Check below for the DL link!

One Day - Juan MacLean (Grandtheft extended dub mix)