Montreal legend HATCHMATIK returns to the red room for yet another night of insanity ---

+ Spencer Etc. keeping the white room white hot all night.

Drink specials all night+

The best looking crowd in Montreal+

The biggest weekly party 6 years running!

If you don't know, now you know.

$5 cover -or-

FREE guestlist before 11:30 by emailing your name(s) to

See you on the dancefloor!

Igloofest 2011 Preview

A common rebuttal by those fatigued and jealous of Montrealer's constant evangelizing on the vibrancy and community of their home is the assertion that the island goes dead during the brutal winter months. If that's truly how the rest of the world sees the city, consider Igloofest Montreal's extended middle finger, an outdoors electronic music fest that shows a joie de vivre in subzero temperatures most cities couldn't manage in perfect conditions. With too many acts to count packed into the fest's three weekends, here's our guide to what's worth seeing.

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Week 1

Thursday, Jan. 13:

Start the fest off easy and pace it right by checking out Rilly Guilty at the Virgin Mobile Igloo at 8.

Saturday, Jan. 15:

Saturday night definitely has the heaviest concentration of Montreal's own sons and daughters and it's probably the night we're most excited about. For a constant stream of Montreal's best artists, start the night at the Main Stage to catch the Night Trackin DJs' 6:30 set, then head over to the Igloo for SHAYdakiss & A-Rock's set at 8, before sprinting back to the Main Stage at 9 for Lunice's epic swagfest.


Week 2

Thursday, Jan. 20:

The smart move is to sharpen your elbows and mob the Main Stage for all the night's best shows. Kid Sister, Terror Danjah, and Eskmo will definitely be worth staking out some valuable territory.

Friday, Jan. 21:

One of Igloofest's absolute-can't-miss-shows is Toronto native and Night Slugs warrior Egyptrixx. Do whatever you can to be front and center at his 8:00 Main Stage set.

Saturday, Jan. 22:

The shows at Igloofest don't run too late, but MTL native Hatchmatik's 10:00 Igloo set ought to capture the late night loft aesthetic to a T.


Week 3

Thursday, Jan. 27:

The safe bet for a great show is to stake out the Main Stage all night for Jordan Dare and the legend Carl Craig. Those more daring, or perhaps desperate for a change of scenery, might take a chance on venturing to Robyn's 10:00 show at Metropolis. Either way, there are no losers at Igloofest.

Friday, Jan. 28:

Let it never be said that fest isn't going out swinging. Once again, stake out the Main Stage all night for climactic sets by Ikonika and MTL's natural born riddim killer, Poirier. Miss any part of the night at your own peril.

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LOOKOUT Mixtape #1 mixed by Hatchmatik

Hatchmatik of the one and only Peer Pressure Party Crew assaults legs and hips across the scene with a smooth ass mix for some end of summer strutting. Entitled, WELCOME TO THE MANNING SALON, the mix is inspired by a male passion for looking and feeling damn good. Never have I ever experienced disco and house in such glorious ecstasy…without the help of ecstasy. Warning: if you are susceptible to epilepsy induced by glamorous synths and crisp handclaps do not listen to this mix.Read More ↓

LOOKOUT Mixtape Series #1 - (Right Click & Save As to download the mix!)

1- Jupiter - Starlighter (Bottins Original Bass Mix)
2 - Goldfrapp - Alive (Tensnake Remix)
3 - LCD Soundsystem - Drunk Girls (Holy Ghost! Dub)
4 - Aeroplane - Superstar (The Krays Remix)
5 - Roska & Jamie George - Love 2 Nite
6 - Azari & III - Indigo
7 - Eli Escobar - Love Thing (Part 2 - DJ Mehdi Club Edit)
8 - Vhyce - Basement Horns (Rainbows of Death Remix)
9 - Kele - Everything You Wanted (Hatchmatik Remix)
10 - MIA - XXXO (Riton Re-Rub)
11 - Kink - Existence
12 - Lucy Lo - Blair Beat 5
13 - Yuki Suzuki - Need Your Love (Lee Douglas Remix)
14 - ????????? - ??? ??????????? ?????
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Tokyo Thursdays


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Hatchmatik for OLDgOLD

OLDgOLDBOUTIQUE.COM released its 8th edition of their first-class podcast series over the weekend, this mix by HatchmatikTransmission 8, "You Lost Me At Hello," is his second Transmission mix, check out his previous mix here. Hatchmatik contrasts his two OLDgOLD podcasts and says, "I took things up a notch since my last offering to the series with something that while holding onto the leguminous vibe of the series packs a bit more punch throughout the main course.  Eat up." There you have it. A nutritious meal.

Transmission:OLDgOLD:8 by Hatchmatik

Track List:

1 - Sissy Nobby - Lay Me Down (L-Vis 1990 Remix)
2 - Mayer Hawthorne - Green Eyed Love (Classixx Remix)
3 - Shy Child - Disconnected (Moscow Mix)
4 - Ulysses - Fun and Games
5 - Ladyhawke - Magic (Donnie Sloan Remix)
6 - Hot Chip - Hand Me Down Your Love
7 - Lovelock - Pino Grigio
8 - Midnight Juggernauts - Fantastic Valleys
9 - Matias Aguayo - Rollerskate (Marcus Rossknecht Version)
10 - MVSEVM - French Jeans
11 - Florence & The Machine - YGTL (XX Remix - Renaissance Man Edit)
12 - The Dark Esquire - Situation (CFCF Remix)
13 - Antony - If It Be Your Will

OLDgOLD’s Midnight Minuet has recently been delving into some stop motion videos: first came Twinkle Toes, now comes Midnight Minuet, their very first experimentation with stop motion dance featuring an uncanny bunch of animal masks. To be honest, words can't really describe this video. I've watched it many times over, each time more and more mesmerized by the dance, image and sound. The second time I watched it, I could barely take my eyes off of the sinister shadow figures. Have a look for yourself here.

Photography by Omar Al-Samadi, dancing animals by Jonebone (Jonah Leslie) and Hatchy (Matt Morein) and music is Morino Gakudan by Susumu Yokota.

Crookers + Major Lazer @ Metropolis


Neon & High Food Present
In collaboration with Peer Pressure & 33Mag


Major Lazer



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