Gil Scott-Heron – “Me and the Devil”

Who would have thought that one of the first great tracks/music videos of 2010 would have come from Gil Scott-Heron? The hugely influential Soul singer/songwriter, who recently turned 60, has a new album titled I'm New Here dropping February 9th, and this video for the single "The Devil and Me" is part of the initial press push. True, his voice has changed dramatically since  his initial days of stardom singing tracks like "Johannesburg" and "Home is Where the Hatred Is," but his new sound, full of urgency and  loss, suits the new song's subject matter perfectly. Of course, the footage of some morbidly painted hoodlums running wild through New York streets does a more than suitable job of bringing the lyrics to life. Here's hoping that this song and video work in the way that the late Johnny Cash's "Hurt" NIN cover did - transforming his career and bringing the singer some long overdue exposure and recognition.