Q&A: Keys N’ Krates

LOOKOUT was blessed with the chance to pick the collective brains of Jr. Flo, Matisse, and Tune, better known as live-remixers Keys N' Krates, on their frantic live shows and plans for upcoming releases. Read More ↓

Music is transforming and adapting at a breakneck pace. How do you manage to keep up/focus with the constant evolution of music technology pushing music to new places?

Flo: We are always looking for old and new toys to progress our sound, but I wouldn't say we chase technology for the sake of chasing technology.

You guys have been in the studio with DJ Grandtheft recording your new LP. What can we expect from the upcoming album?

Matisse:  Well, it's really not an album we're working on, but rather a series of releases.  There will be a bunch of singles and eventually and EP, but we're not strong believers in the album format right now.

The development of an online Mixtape culture seems to be a catalyst in eliminating the need for a major record label’s budget. You guys released your Re-Mixing 101 Mixtape a couple months ago; What kind of reaction and response did the drop get? any plans for additional mixtapes dropping before or after the new LP is released?

Tune:  The response from the mixtape was awsome and I believe that was because it sort of gave people a chance to take home what they see us do live on stage.  A lot of critics, media, tastemakers had really great stuff to say about it and we were happy with the amount of downloads it got.  We definitely plan to keep doing those live off the floor mixes to supplement our studio produced music.

Playing with a live band leaves room for more human interaction than just having a DJ playing whole songs from a laptop or turntables. What are some of the difficulties you encounter in the process of navigating the fine line between a sample based approach and a live band feel? When you play a live show, do you leave room for improvisation?

Flo:  I think we are flirting between going for that big sound, that makes people perplexed that we're pulling that it off live, and keeping a live feel to our stuff.  It's definitely a delicate dance.  We balance using a lot of electronic with live drums, synth sounds with organic sounds, and more live grooves with more programmed sounding grooves (which we still do live).  We're trying to get the best of both worlds.

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Keys N Krates’ Beyond Race Magazine Interview

Read Beyond Race Magazine's recent interview, "Mixing up sounds with Keys and Krates", featuring the always unreal Keys N Krates, here. They comment on comparisons to DJ AM and Travis Barker, give some insight on how their mixes are mastered, and discuss their big plans for '10.

Keys N’ Krates

Keys N' Krates are a difficult act to explain.  "Live Remixing," their preferred nomenclature for their style of music, doesn't really do justice in conveying the nature or amplitude of what they're capable of.  The dynamic with Lunice, the upcoming show's other act, will definitely spin off into hysterics - imagine seeing Lunice playing one of his amazing sets, chopping samples and blowing out speakers, and then getting to witness Keys N' Krates come out and drop an equally crushing set backed with live instruments. Insane! Since they're primarily a live band, check out these videos to get a hold on the magnitude of their act.

@superfun x Keys N Krates from @superfun on Vimeo.

Lunice Mix for Dazed Digital

In light of Lookout's upcoming show featuring Keys N' Krates and Lunice, I'm digging up the latter's exclusive mini-mix for Dazed Digital that came out back in June of '09, accompanied by an engaging interview in which Lunice intros himself "pretty much just like any other dude. But with cooler dance moves." I can get down with that. Essentially, the mix makes me want to body pop à la Lunice (see his insane cult classic Youtube videos). Hey, a girl can dream.

For more info on the February Keys N' Krates x Lunice show, check out the Facebook event here.

Lunice Mix for Dazed Digital

Track list:

01. Lunice - Hip Pop
02. Lunice - Purp Walk
03. Lunice - Let's Go
04. Lunice - Hitmayne
05. Nicole Scherzinger - Whatever U Like (Lunice Remix)
06. Lunice - Wikiwiki
07. Lil' Mama - Lipgloss (Lunice Remix)
08. Lunice - Bring it Back
09. MeGusta - Mega Drive (Lunice Remix)
10. Lunice - Purple Drank
11. Lunice - Retardation






Keys N' Krates are like nothing you've ever seen before. Using live instrumentation, turntablism, and live sampling to flip music right before your eyes, KNK have 're‐invented the remix'. The trio consists of world champion turntablist and certified DJ Jr-Flo (Eh! Team), the ever soulful Matisse on keys and Tune on drums. URB Magazine recently ranked Keys N' Krates in their prestigious NEXT100 musicians of the year, and their mini-documentary on the group (below) explains why KNK's live remix is something you have to see to believe.

LUNICE - (LuckyMe) - LIVE PA

Lunice is Montreal’s proudest young son of the moment - A member of Glasgows' LuckyMe Collective, and a participant in the Red Bull Music Academy 2010 in London, England. His Live PA (remixes and beats made on the spot) will set your booty shaking like jello in an earthquake.


visuals by hovatron

TICKETS $15.00



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We've been getting down with Keys N' Krates for a minute now, and these dudes are constantly stepping up their game.

Check out Lunice's Dazed Digital Mix or some of his other tracks. As you may already know, Lunice is riding out to the RBMA across the pond in London, so enjoy this dude's tunes while you can, we might not get the chance to see him for a little bit.

Join the LOOKOUT group for some giveaways from Orisue, and upcoming events ::http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2354218400

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Q&A: Keys N Krates

Keys N Krates is a group of  three musicians that have "re-invented the remix". By fusing hip hop, electronic music, turntablism and instrumentation, KNK produces an innovative sound and energy that pumps up any party.  If you were lucky enough to be at House nightclub on Sunday night, you witnessed KNK throw down an insane set of their live remixes, in front of a great crowd. Everyone was really into the music, and even KNK's tour buddies, Love & Electrik, were snapping pics and grooving after their own set. Check out Lookout's quick Q&A with the members of Keys N Krates: DJ Jr. Flo, Matisse and Adam Tune.

Lookout: You’re about to embark on the “Masters of Remix” Canadian Tour. What are you looking forward to the most about touring?

Tune:  Probably getting to hit all of these places in Canada that we've never been before.  Also getting to tour with such a talented cast of people doesn't hurt either.

Lookout: With DJ Jr. Flo on the turntables, Matisse on the keys and Tune on the drums, what do you each bring to the table as musicians?

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Matisse:  I think it just allows us all to bring our own vantage points to the music.

Lookout: You claim to “bridge the gap” between live instrumentation, turntabilism and the technology of electronic music. Is this a first in your opinion? What does this add to the experience and energy of your show?

Flo:  Yah it kind of is.  We use live instruments (tables, keys, drums), in a live analog, but add the dynamics of dance/electronic music through our energy and the use of effects.  When we say "Live Re-Mixing" we literally mean live, because pretty much everything your hearing we are doing right before your eyes.

Lookout: I know you’re all Toronto’s own, but what do you enjoy about the Montreal audience?

Flo: Probably the poutine...

Matisse:  Good energy.

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Keys N’ Krates + Love & Electrik @ Red Bull “Masters of Remix”

KEYS N' KRATES "Re-Invented the Remix"

Recently ranked by URB Magazine amongst the Top 100 new acts of 2009, Keys N' Krates is re-introduces the sound of true live music to the dancefloor.  The group consists of frontman, Eh! Team DJ Jr-Flo, eclectic soul musician and keyboardist Matisse, and drummer Tune. Their set blends hip-hop and electronic instrumentation with party breaks and world class turntablism, creating live renditions of  dance tunes thats something to be both seen and heard.

This is real music, real DJ talent, and as always, we promise its gonna be real fun, don't sleep!!



Love & Electrik are like an explosion of flashing lights and glassy sound. Welcome to their universe where vintage synthesizers, vocoders & talkbox coexist with a voice that has a timeless soul.  Read More ↓

With the sexy, playful single, “Sex Video” released on Tremendous Records, the duo have already been chosen as the opening acts for the likes of Chromeo, Amanda Blank and Devlin & Darko (Spank Rock DJ’s). Love & Electrik get you with a classic style but also sends you light years into the future.



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