An Evening With Last Night’s Party

Bronques of Last Night's Party is tearing up The Belmont this Friday, September 25. Exhibitionists and voyeurs alike: get your game faces on! I'm already practicing my own pout in the mirror... This is bound to be an outrageous soirée, and plus, you'll be able to replay all the extravagance over and over again once the photos hit


Last Night's Party is a notorious nightlife photography website shot by Merlin Bronques. Bronques chronicles parties anywhere and everywhere from New York to Brazil to Italy, and snaps everyone from Madonna to Kim Kardashian to that girl you know from down the street. Sometimes controversial, due to his raw and nude photographs, Bronque's work is just plain rock 'n' roll. In 2006, Bronques released the book, "lastnightsparty: Where Were You Last Night?", and has recently delved into video shorts with