Photos – B00TY B4K3RY #37 w/ Venus X @ Le Belmont


Photos: Jeff St. Aubin []


Photos – BadBadNotGood @ Le Belmont

Photos by Jeff St. Aubin

Photos – Slum Village @ Le Belmont

Photos by Jeff St. Aubin

Photos – Rakim @ Le Belmont

Photos by Jeff St. Aubin

INTERVIEW: Raekwon (Wu-Tang Clan)

Our exclusive interview with The Chef after his live performance on October 14, 2011 at Le Belmont, Montreal.

Interview: Lunice at LOOKOUT x Pop Montreal

Lunice (Photo: Ed Gumuchian /

Big welcome home to the homie Lunice, who's just coming off a whirlwind of European and Australian dates that followed our Pop Montreal show with Araabmbuzik in September. We caught up with Lunice before his set to rap about his new EP, One Hunned, his collabo with Ango and Prison Garde: Nouveau Palais, and whats next for the local producer turned globetrotter.

Lunice catches a couple days at home before heading out on a final tour of 2011, across the U.S. & Canada in November. Hats off to Montreal's finest young son. Get it! One Hunned.

Interview: Azealia Banks at LOOKOUT x Pop Montreal

Current darling of blogs and bootie-shakers alike, Azaelia Banks is on a one way ticket to the top right now. We caught up with her after she wowed the crowd with rapid fire raps at our Pop Montreal 2011 show. Away from the stage it's clear that beneath her exuberant persona lies a remarkably humble and self-effacing character for someone so talented.


AraabMUZIK. Photo: Ed Gumuchian /

It's easy to be dazzled by Araab's outrageous skill with an MPC. Sure, the guy knows his way around the buttons and knobs, but Araab's greatest skill is the precision with which he matches his samples to drums. There's no other way to put it, the man is a musician's musician. We were lucky enough to catch up with Araab after our show at Pop Montreal 2011 and spend some time with a producer who is surely only at the start of a long and successful career.

More coverage of the night in the live footage here, and photos



Kingdom + Nguzunguzu (Photo: Ed Gumuchian /

Kingdom has been around the musical block, so to speak. Over the last few years he's put in the hours and put out a range of genre-defying and forward-thinking tracks on a number of great labels. In fact he's even recently started his own imprint 'Fade to Mind'. First release on Kingdom's label? The 'Timesup EP' by Nguzunguzu, a duo similarly respected for pushing the boundaries of contemporary dance music. We managed to catch up with both Kingdom and Nguzunguzu before our show at Pop Montreal 2011, and the meeting of wise experience and youthful verve was as insightful off stage as their music is bumping on it.

Photos from the night over here.


Interview: Kid Sister at LOOKOUT x Pop Montreal

Kid Sister (Photo: Ed Gumuchian /

'Star quality'. They say you're either born with it or you're not. By that definition Kid Sister must have some of the best genes in show-business right now. Not only do her beats sparkle with the pizazz we would expect from a protege of Kanye West, but off stage she has the charisma to match. Her effortless charm almost disarmed our entire crew when we caught up with her for a chat before her show at Pop Montreal 2011.