New Lunice Tracks from the RBMA!

The RBMA graduate class of 2010

Check out these two new tracks from Lunice. It looks like these two new tracks from Lunice will be used in a compilation put together by upstart record label Jus Like Music, alongside tracks from many other RBMA students. Best of all, the whole thing will be available for free download soon! Check the RBMA site for details.

Lunice - Let It Ride

Lunice - Perpetual Leisure

Stay posted in the upcoming days for new music from the other recent RBMA graduates, including Poirier, Ango, and Amenta

Let’s go: Lunice, live from the RBMA in London.

We going all up in this London bidness for the Red Bull Music Academy!

But first, I want to give my biggest hollers and thanks to the Lookout fam and Orisue Clothing for swagging me up a hundred thousand trillion bazillion with their new Spring 2010 collection..!! Let's get it!

Now for a quick introduction:

The name's Lunice (real name & stage name because I'm bad at coming up with rad names haha) and I love rap music, breakdancing, graffiti and scratching. In other words, I love HIP HOP ;). Though I've especially been on the "Jerk" tip lately and lots of hyphy is never enough hyphy for a dude. So basically what's going to go down here is that I will be posting pictures, video and writting about random thoughts and events while I'm there at the RBMA! So here's the plan... Redbull drinks + Studio time = "I'M GOING IN!!!" - Dj Khaled

LONDON I SEE YOU! ... In the next 16 hours!

Oh and y'all can follow me on twitter as well.!


P.S.: This is going to be my anthem while I'm there.