Q&A: Love & Electrik

Love & Electrik opened for Keys N Krates Sunday night at House, and boy, did they not disappoint. Roxy wowed the crowd with her soulful vocals, while Kevin amazed the audience with his talkbox skills. From Vancouver, the duo has embarked on their first nationwide Canadian tour, and they couldn't be more excited! (Really, just glance at their Twitter). For more Love & Electrik, stop by their Pop Montreal performance on October 3rd at Just For Laughs. Lookout got the chance to ask Roxy and Kevin of Love & Electrik a few burning questions... Check it out below.

Lookout: Roxy embodies the soulful voice or the “love” and Kevin embodies the synthesizers and vocoders or the “electric”. Explain how the dualism works in Love & Electrik.

Kevin: “You don’t want to hear Kevin sing or hear Roxy’s beats ; ) at least not yet, lol!" There is always a balance we want to achieve with our music and style. We really want to make people dance, but also write songs that people can sing along to. We like to call this balance of Love & Electric “tech sui,” which is the fusion of technology & organic. This best describes our music, band name and style.

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Lookout: You’ve established a solid fan base in Vancouver and now you’re traveling across Canada on the “Masters of Remix” tour, for the first time. What are you  looking forward to most?

Roxy: We’re looking forward to so much, but mostly,  we’re really looking forward to be able to say we’ve toured Canada. We’re excited to play the big cities like Toronto and Montreal, as well as seeing the reaction from smaller cities, as we’ve heard they party twice as hard and are so much fun to play for.

Lookout: Your sound, beats and vocals are very 80's. What attracts you to that influence?

Roxy: The 80's was an era when music was at a turning point, the technology, the way people dressed, the culture, and we feel this spawned some of the best pop music ever made... It was dance music at its best, and musical at the same time. Although we love the music of today, there is a certain magic from those days we can really relate to and even our younger fans recognize that sound through samples and such. It also carries a great balance of making you want to dance but also being presented as complete songs that aren’t too “loopy”. We love our 80's synths too…

Lookout: You’ve hooked up with Chin Injeti, who’s produced with legends like Dr. Dre, as well as up-and-comers like Drake. What was that collaboration like?

Kevin: Working with Chin is intense... He moves very quickly so you gotta really move fast to keep up the pace. So it made us really work fast and not doubt ourselves or dwell on anything for long. Just do it and if it's not what we wanted... Hell, we can write a new song... Overall, Chin not only helps us write music, but along with the Vancouver collective "The Hastings Set,"  are helping us develop ourselves in every way. From performance tips, writing advice, management and everything, so he is very much a blessing to us to know and work with.

Lookout: Your single “Sex Video” is fun, provocative and even includes a little rap verse from Roxy. How did it come about?

Roxy: Kevin came up with the concept. We were thinking of what would be an attention-grabbing topic,  that would catch people's attention and trick people into downloading it, lol.  So we took this concept and hooked up with Chin, and in a small  rehearsal space (Hot Hot Heat's rehearsal space), with just a laptop and small keyboard  we wrote the song in about 1/2 hour, then Kevin took the beat home for a little polishing.  We didn't want it to be too perverted, haha, but rather more fun and innocent. When we released the song on Tremendous Records, so many people really thought it was a sex video...

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Keys N’ Krates + Love & Electrik @ Red Bull “Masters of Remix”

KEYS N' KRATES "Re-Invented the Remix"

Recently ranked by URB Magazine amongst the Top 100 new acts of 2009, Keys N' Krates is re-introduces the sound of true live music to the dancefloor.  The group consists of frontman, Eh! Team DJ Jr-Flo, eclectic soul musician and keyboardist Matisse, and drummer Tune. Their set blends hip-hop and electronic instrumentation with party breaks and world class turntablism, creating live renditions of  dance tunes thats something to be both seen and heard.

This is real music, real DJ talent, and as always, we promise its gonna be real fun, don't sleep!!



Love & Electrik are like an explosion of flashing lights and glassy sound. Welcome to their universe where vintage synthesizers, vocoders & talkbox coexist with a voice that has a timeless soul.  Read More ↓

With the sexy, playful single, “Sex Video” released on Tremendous Records, the duo have already been chosen as the opening acts for the likes of Chromeo, Amanda Blank and Devlin & Darko (Spank Rock DJ’s). Love & Electrik get you with a classic style but also sends you light years into the future.



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