Q&A w/ Lazer Sword + FACT mix

Established off their excellent Blap to the Future mixtape, Lazer Sword are the prime San Francisco representatives of the bass-heavy, glitch-ridden synth sound championed by artist like Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke and Montreal favorites Megasoid and Lunice. Though no one’s sure what to call the new music yet (as the interview below candidly reveals), Lazer Sword, comprised of artists Lando Kal and Low Limit, bring their own flavor by straddling the ever-shrinking barriers between hip hop, dubstep, and electro. Coming off a new EP and in anticipation of their debut full length album and upcoming collabos with some of the Bay Area’s best Hyphy amabassadors, Lazer Sword sat down talked with us.

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In the past, I’ve heard some pretty outlandish genre names used to label the music you and your peers have been producing. Have you guys heard one that feels accurate yet? Do you have any suggestions or do you feel like people should just stop gooning over the name?

Yeah the name game has been the ultimate dilemma for us in the past no doubt. We've gotten shit all across the board! Lazer Bass (the worst), Future Blap (name of our first mixtape), Electric Whomp, Turbo Crunk (which we're sure our good MTL bruvs Megasoid, Hovatron, and Lunice are familiar with), Street Bass, Molly Wop, Glitch Hop (OUCH), Future Funk, and that's just the ones we can remember. We've even come up with ridiculous shit to make fun of the genrefiers, like "Surf Knock" or "Colossal Thump".

The Bay Area is bubbling right now, with new artists and even new genres popping up all over the place. What’s it like living and creating music there, and are there any Bay Area artists you would be excited to work with?

The Bay Area is truly inspiring in every aspect, living, creating, interacting. I myself live in Brooklyn, NY currently for the last 9 months or so, (also a very inspiring place in its own!) but i'm originally from the Bay and it's a very vibrant city with lots going on. Yes music is is popping up in all forms and the people there are open to all sorts of styles and very enthusiastic when in comes to the nightlife and local talents. This leads to more weeklies and monthlies starting up.. for instance 222's "Icee Hot" monthly in SF. That night put on by residents Disco Shawn, LL, and Ghosts On Tape, showcases Uk Funky, Garage, 2-Step, Grime, and the likes of and with an exception of New York or maybe L.A., there's not really too many cities in the states really stepping in those territories yet. Of course there's the Hyphy movemnet which lately hasent been as booming as it was a couple years back back but there's some secret heaters still lurking in that territory.

We've actually started working with some big names in the Hyphy rap community which is a huge deal for us, and would definitely like to keep that trend going with artists like, Laroo, Fab, E-40, The Team, and the whole hyphy blap squadron! get at us.

With so much new electronic music being produced by duos or groups, it feels like the dynamic of production and creation is shifting. What’s your collaborative process of creating or remixing a song?

When collaborating on tracks between both LL and i, there's nothing really special to it besides the fact that we are very familiar with each others production process and interests when it comes to writing songs.

Other than that we simply start a track, wether it be me or LL coming up with the initial vision, then swap audio files via an online server back and forth until we are both fully satisfied and content with the final finished product. it's always fun to hear what direction the other has taken the song to and that's what really keeps things interesting. We've learned one thing though, you cant ever overwork your initial vision and become too attached because when working with two people, things are always bound to change within writing process, but always for the better.

Any exciting plans for official or bootleg releases coming up in 2010?

As far as 2010 releases go, we just released a Low Limit vs. Lando Kal EP via Glasgow based Numbers label, called "The Golden Handshake" on March 15th. we also have a slew of remixes coming soon, but the big kahuna is our first full length Lazer Sword album via Innovative Leisure which is due out around end of June - beginning of July. We're extremely excited about it as we've been working on it for some time and it's the first release where we'll really be able to show the full spectrum of of lazer sword material. We also just recently did a free mix for FACT Magazine, which is available for download for the next few weeks. BOOOM.

Check out their new mix at FACT magazine, available for download for the next three weeks:

Lazer Sword FACT Mix

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