New Hovatron Mixtape

One of Montreal's finest and a founding member of Nighttrackin', Hovatron just dropped a mixtape full of his own originals and reworkings over at Lowriders Collective.  The mix is full of unreleased gems and represents the evolution of one of MTL's brightest young minds from his days as a Turbo Crunk co-conspirator to his more recent, relentlessy eclectic production style.

Hovatron - Lowriders Collective Mixtape

Shouts go out to Lowrider for hosting the mixtape, check the site for a full interview with Hovatron. To catch more of Hov's music, check out his myspace and soundcloud accounts. Get it!


1. Hovatron – Max Headroom – INTRO
2. Hovatron – Everything Always
3. Hovatron – The Drip
4. Hovatron – Gold Star Radiation
5. Hovatron – Gold Star Radiation (Cryptical remix)
6. Dopplereffekt – Plastiphilia (Hova remix)
7. Hovatron – One Handed
8. Hovatron – Blaptop
9. Hovatron – Delorean Reprise
10. Hovatron – Super Soaker
11. Cassie – Long Way to Go (Hova remix)
12. Hovatron – Born Under Punches (interpretation of Talking Heads)
13. Hovatron – Already Know
14. Hovatron – Gypsy Trader
15. Hovatron – Case of the Doomsdays – OUTRO