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Machinedrum has collected new faces, aliases, and styles on a pace with most KGB agents. Throughout his entire career, Machinedrum, né Travis Stewart and AKA too many other pseudonyms to count, has jumped from subgenre to subgenre whenever it suited him, systematically dismantling the barriers between each and pooling together the remaining elements to create his own distinct blend of production styling. Though his earlier work veered between either dusty or glitchy breakbeats and a heavier left-field club approach, the new album Room(s) appears to have been inspired from his work as part of the duo Sepalcure, his side project with Praveen Sharma (AKA Braille). Like Sepalcure’s Love Pressure EP, Room(s) deals in starkly churning bass warmed and consumed by swarms of disembodied pathos. Machinedrum’ past stops in Montreal’s have displayed a special resonance with the city’s electronic scene (perhaps because of his ties to LuckyMe). Coming off the most seminal and productive stretch of his career, this show looks to be particularly meaningful


MP3: Machinedrum - “TMPL”

VIDEO: Machindrum - “Whatchuthinkin” (feat. Tiombe Lockhart)

STREAM: Room(s) full album


Chrissy Murderbot


Though the “novelty” of merging miscellaneous micro-genres of dance music may have lost a touch of luster in recent times, Chicago-based DJ and producer Chrissy Murderbot’s absurd enthusiasm keeps his scene-melding techniques innovative and inviting. His recently released 3rd album, Women’s Studies, uses the beloved Chicago institutions of house, footwork, and juke as percussive structures to support accented forays into garage, dancehall, jungle, and rave. Chrissy Murderbot’s energy is infectious; in addition to handling remixes for acts like Delorean, Lemonade, and Warrior Queen, he spends his time on the road for an endless stream of shows and events, providing a pan-global middle ground between established legends and new jacks alike.


Rilly Guilty

Seb Diamond

Sibian & Faun


September 10, 2011, 22h

El Gallego - 4487 St-Laurent


10$ advance

Tickets available

MOOG Audio, Phonopolis, Atom Heart, Off The Hook, Aux 33 Tours

Online: via PayPal







DOWNLOAD: Machinedrum – “Let It”

Check the Interview Lookout ran with Machinedrum a while back - Travis Stewart is a man of many aliases and identities.

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Following his Many Faces of Machinedrum EP with LuckyMe he released another sequence of tracks caught full of his manic, stylistically fluctuating realms suspended somewhere between the club, the dusty basement hip hop studio, and the insane asylum. Check out the new release "Let It" and try to get on his level before he fogs up Club Lambi this Friday, February 11 for the LuckyMe Label Showcase:

Machinedrum - "Let It"

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DOWNLOAD: Cubic Zirconia Remix EP

To be fully prepared for Cubic Zirconia's live show this Friday, February 11 at Club Lambi, it'd be best to grab hold of the new EP of remixes their label LuckyMe recently made available for free online.

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Frontman Nick Hook calls his group "live ethnic disco," but reworkings from club stalwarts Egyptrixx and Ikonika and left field G-Synth master Dam Funk spread and/or skewer the sound all over the dance music spectrum. The remixes come in advance of the NYC four-piece's upcoming album Follow Your Heart.

Grab the tracks here!

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LuckyMe Showcase

LOOKOUT, LuckyMe & Dirty Gold present:

After an incredibly breakthrough 2009 that saw the massive critical and popular success of Hudson Mohawke, Rustie and Mike Slott with releases on Warp, All City and more, it seemed unlikely that Glaswegian label LuckyMe could top the level of excitement in the year to follow. However in the last year, they've expanded the label worldwide, adding several North American acts that have become some of the most talked about in the electronic music world, including Jacques Greene, Lunice, Ango, Machinedrum, and Cubic Zirconia. On February 11th, all of this monumental talent will be on display under Club Lambi's roof.

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Friday, February the 11th
Club Lambi, 4465 St-Laurent


ANGO (Live)

Cubic Zirconia

Seriously, this band will destroy your club, your concernt hall, your living room. It's acid inflected pop music that hints towards a tradition of great new york loft parties and the vacious structure of punk bands like ESG and Liquid Liquid. But you know, Cubic's music is more than that. It's not trying to be anything else than Nick Hook, Tiombe Lockhart & Daud Sturdivant going in as hard as they can. I mean, what shall we call it? We have to call it something -- that's the way of music journalism. Let's go for ethnic disco.



New label mate Machinedrum will be present as well, riding off his stellar new releases on LuckyMe and on Hotflush as his new garage/future dubstep project Sepalcure. With a combination of the songwriting skills of Timbaland, the huge club sounds of Daft Punk and the crafty experimentation of Aphex Twin, Machinedrum will take us all on quite the musical ride.


Jacques Greene

Jacques Greene hails from Montreal, Canada, and you may or may not have heard some music he made under a previous guise. It doesn't really matter. His current focus is glistening house music with the perfect balance of reverence and idiosyncrasy, and an unashamed devotion to R'n'B. Releases with LuckyMe and NightSlugs have announced his arrival in the house music world in fine style, and hint at a pretty good year to come.



Lunice is just THAT dude. So cool, so easy. But at night he’s a monster making bedroom dance videos to Footcrab and Sex Intelligent (remix stoopid). It was just over a year ago that Lunice started bumping his own beats at the Turbo Crunk nights. To think that he’s since played two European tours and attended Red Bull in London, cheeeez, Dude is doing those big things already.



Joining Montreal's community of influential DJs and Producers, this R&B beat maker has just begun to do his part to help rebuild the landscape of alternative dance music in North America. Ango's music is uniquely melodic and hopeful, bringing boogie-era synth and drum sounds into context with contemporary R&B bangers, electro and bass music.



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LOOKOUT Mixtape #6: Cubic Zirconia’s Nick Hook Mix

Cubic Zirconia's Nick Hook was kind enough to send over a mix full of jams that spell out why LuckyMe and Night Slugs were the labels that ruled 2010. The tape comes just in time for Cubic Zirconia's live performance alongside Jacques Greene, Lunice, Machinedrum, and Ango at the LuckyMe label showcase at Club Lambi Friday February 11th. Without further delay, the tracklist and mix is below:

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mr. fingers- beyond the clouds
kim ann foxman- creatures
julio bashmore- battle for middle you
cassius- shark simple (l-vis and the neon dreams rmx ft shadz & cubic zirconia )
martyn and mike slott- all nights
jacques greene- (baby i don't know) what you want
richie hawtin-spastik
egyptrixx-liberation front
kingdom feat tiombe lockhart- remember
panteros 666- x lova (cubic zirconia rmx)
lunice- fancy fortie (rustie rmx)

LOOKOUT Mixtape #6 - Nick Hook

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Thanks / Merci!

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Interview: Machinedrum

Check the album cover for perspective: Machinedrum has collected new faces, aliases, and styles on a pace with most KGB agents. Throughout his entire career, Machinedrum, né Travis Stewart and AKA too many other pseudonyms to count, has jumped from subgenre to subgenre whenever it suited him, systematically dismantling the barriers between each and pooling the remaining elements together to create his own distinct blend of production styling. His newest release is no different; its tracks are split down the middle between the deftly hyperactive beat fare one has come to expect from LuckyMe releases and an aggressively left field club sound that defies any real categorization other than, "Oh yeah, that's that new Machinedrum shit." One of Lookout's own recently got the chance to talk to the man himself, LuckyMe's first ever North American signing and a featured artist at the upcoming Lookout POP MTL showcase on Sept. 30 at the Belmont. Check it out...

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Your new album, The Many Faces of Machinedrum, is split right down the middle in terms of production styles and influences. What was your intention when you set out to make the record?

To be honest I wasn't really making a "record" when i wrote those tracks, I was more or less just writing tunes for the sake of writing them. After accumulating loads of them Lucky Me decided that instead of puttin together a genre specific record we'd focus on a more diverse record instead.  Writing in multiple styles has never been something new for me, it's how I've always approached music. I get bored writing the same style over and over.

It seems like your style is constantly evolving between releases. Where would you say your primary musical influences lie at the moment?

Like I said, I get bored doin the same style.  Right now I feel like I'm being heavily influenced by Juke and Footwork tracks from Chicago.  Other than that I've been listening to Carlo Gesualdo and lots of other choral music.  Been singing on a lot of new stuff too.

The recent Sepalcure mix on XLR8R was fantastic. What can you tell us about how Sepalcure started and what you guys have planned for the future?

Thank you.   Sepalcure started out of boredom and necessity to finally collaborate with my friend Praveen Sharma here in Brooklyn about a year ago.  We have an EP slated for release in December on Hotflush.

LuckyMe is one of our favorite young labels. How did you get linked up with them for this record?

I've been talking on and off with the LuckyMe crew for a while, and earlier this year I sent them a load of tunes and they picked their favorites for Many Faces

How was it working with Theophilus London on your various projects together? Are there any other artists you’d like to work with going forward?

Working with Theophilus was definitely a great experience.  We wrote a lot of songs together and he pushed for me to write hooks and brought me out of my instrumental electronic production shell.  I've also been working a lot with Jesse Boykins III, Azealia Banks and Melo-X and have some really great music we've made together, but at the moment I'm taking a break from producing vocalists apart from remix work.  I'd love to work with Autechre or James Blake on a tune or two.

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Sepalcure Mix for XLR8R

The UK gets most of the shine for the whole post-dubstep/future-garage/whatever-the-hell-it's-called-this-week scene, but a few US artists have been making some noise over on this side of the pond. One such act is Sepalcure, the Brooklyn-based duo of Travis Stewart (a.k.a. Machinedrum) and Praveen Sharma. After years spent working together running the Cassette NYC club night and the online mix archive Percussion Lab, last year the producers joined forced in the studio, focusing on the soulful sounds of '90s house, 2-step, and UK bass music. Their debut, the Love Pressure EP, dropped earlier this summer on the esteemed Hotflush label, and now we've corralled the boys into assembling an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast. And not to get all patriotic and flag-waving, but Sepalcure has done the US of A real proud here, expanding their sound palette even further while adeptly shifting tempos, moods, and styles over the course of 23 tracks and 51 minutes.
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01 Mediq "Have a Pleasant Stay"
02 Titus 12 "Step Up (Mosca Remix)"
03 Andreya Triana "A Town Called Obsolete (Mount Kimbie Remix)" (Ninja Tune)
04 Model 500 "I Wanna Be There" (R&S)
05 Jacques Greene "The Look"
06 vvv "Aisle Seat"
07 Kidkut "ILove04" (Apple Pips)
08 French Fries "Senta" (Young Gunz)
09 Sepalcure "Love Pressure (Lando Kal Remix)"
10 L-Vis 1990 "Forever You (Dub)" (Night Slugs)
11 Sepalcure "Me"
12 Hackman "Always" (Shifting Peaks)
13 Balam Acab "See Birds" (Tri Angle)
14 Noiapre "Lava Templada"
15 Dorian Concept "Her Tears Taste Like Pears" (Ninja Tune)
16 Melanie Fiona "It Kills Me (Breakage Remix)" (SRC/Universal Motown)
17 XI "Gamma Rain"
18 Shed "No Way!" (Ostgut Ton)
19 Roof Light "What Makes You So Special" (Highpoint Lowlife)
20 Fantastic Mr Fox "Over" (Black Acre)
21 Sines "This Love"
22 Africa Hitech "Said Speed" (Warp)
23 Autechre "Tilapia" (Warp) (right click save-as)

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Hudson Mohawke & Machinedrum + guests

LOOKOUT x Pop Montreal showcase
Thu, Sep 30



w/ Montreal LuckyMe Fam:

HOVATRON + LUNICE [Live Tag Team Set]

ANGO [Live]



MOOG Audio - 3828 St-Laurent
Off The Hook - 1021a Ste-Catherine O
Atom Heart - 364 Sherbrooke E
Phonopolis - 5403A ave du Parc

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LOOKOUT is a promoter of good music and fun parties in Montreal (est. 2004). Our website & newsletter feature exclusive mixtapes, artist interviews, free music, events, photos, and handpicked culture. After having put on several big ticket shows this year such as Dam-Funk, YACHT, and helping curate club nights and concerts in and out-of-town, we're proud to announce the thrilling lineup for our Pop Montreal showcase this year, at Club Lambi on Thursday, September 30th.

We're pleased to say Hudson Mohawke, coasting off his debut LP "Butter" on Warp, will be returning to the city once more to take everyone on what can only be described as a falcon ride through an airbrushed fantasy land of heady beats, sparkly sunshine and glossy synthesizers.

New label mate Machinedrum will be in the house as well, riding off his stellar new releases on LuckyMe and on Hotflush as his new garage/future dubstep project Sepalcure. With a combination of the songwriting skills of Timbaland, the huge club sounds of Daft Punk and the crafty experimentation of Aphex Twin, Machinedrum will take us all on quite the musical ride.

Along for the journey will be the dancing, beatboxing, beatmaking and recent RBMA graduate Lunice, playing a tag-team set with fellow Montreal-based LuckyMe signee Hovatron, who has been bringing hybrid warehouse techno and new-school crunk to clubs worldwide.

Furthermore, Ango's "finely tuned, bass heavy set that is getting bodies jerking at all manner of angles" collides with Pop Montreal for the first time.

Live in every sense of the word, this is not one to be missed.

Come hang with the LuckyMe set, and LOOKOUT.

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