Keys N’ Krates + Love & Electrik @ Red Bull “Masters of Remix”

KEYS N' KRATES "Re-Invented the Remix"

Recently ranked by URB Magazine amongst the Top 100 new acts of 2009, Keys N' Krates is re-introduces the sound of true live music to the dancefloor.  The group consists of frontman, Eh! Team DJ Jr-Flo, eclectic soul musician and keyboardist Matisse, and drummer Tune. Their set blends hip-hop and electronic instrumentation with party breaks and world class turntablism, creating live renditions of  dance tunes thats something to be both seen and heard.

This is real music, real DJ talent, and as always, we promise its gonna be real fun, don't sleep!!



Love & Electrik are like an explosion of flashing lights and glassy sound. Welcome to their universe where vintage synthesizers, vocoders & talkbox coexist with a voice that has a timeless soul.  Read More ↓

With the sexy, playful single, “Sex Video” released on Tremendous Records, the duo have already been chosen as the opening acts for the likes of Chromeo, Amanda Blank and Devlin & Darko (Spank Rock DJ’s). Love & Electrik get you with a classic style but also sends you light years into the future.



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