OLDgOLDBOUTIQUE.com + Merk Meny for OLDgOLD Mix

If you’ve ever stepped foot into OLDgOLD Boutique nestled on 256 Mont-Royal Est, you already know it’s a stride away from mass-produced "fast fashion". The independent shop offers new and vintage pieces, as well as their in-house collection, and some of the most ingenious jewelry in Montreal (including covetable two-finger rings).

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The OLDgOLD team have transformed the community-oriented boutique vibe into an online shop and website featuring exclusive downloadable DJ mixes, videos, and photos created by some of the movers and shakers of the Montreal art scene. Their latest podcast, by Peer Pressure’s Merk Meny, is the seventh part of a series dubbed "Transmission," and is just over a half-hour of what OLDgOLD calls a “smooth yet bouncy hovercraft ride through some dubby house swamps.” The blurb sounds dope, but the mix is even doper, so download the Transmission: OLDgOLD 7 mix here.

Transmission:OLDgOLD:7 by Merk Meny

Their latest video, "Twinkle Toes" is a stop-motion animation featuring THE DUDE 100% rubber shoes and subtly reminds me of a child TV show I would’ve watched when I was two, if my mother had let me watch TV… Consider it your lullaby. It’s that good. Peep the adult equivalent to a pacifier here.

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