New Poirier: 90′s Backyard

Poirer returns from the Red Bull Music Academy with a huge new track, titled "90's Backyard." The time spent at the academy must have had a had a big effect on Poirier; this sounds of this track are totally new for him. Sure, the energy and the bass are as manic as ever and the track hits as hard as any of his songs, but this one isn't particularly tied into any Carribean sub-genre. This isn't soca, cumbia, or dancehall, it's just unleashed!

This single was released in advance of his new album Running High. Poirier and his buddy/frequent collaborater Face-T are touring Canada at the moment to support the album, which is currently in stores. Their Montreal homecoming show is scheduled for April 29 at Passeport. You can stream and download the single below:

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