LOOKOUT Mix #8 – Mr. UNO

Mr. Uno is future shit. Growing up in New York City, Mr. got his start wrangling teenagers at all nite chinatown loft parties- and grew a passion for large rooms of dancing people. The Monsieur's taste for wild, underground, fabulous dance tunes culminated with the inception of his UNO NYC record label.  An expression of things new and danceworthy, UNO has already made connections to Montreal with releases from Jacques Greene and CFCF. His mix touches on influential future shit as well as many forthcoming treats we'll be dancing to in the next year.

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LOOKOUT Mixtape 8 - Mr. UNO


  1. baby - Malcolm Lasalle
  2. XXX - XXX
  3. Moments in Life - AndresII
  4. Acid Experience - DJ Spun
  5. POP THEM - Lol Boys
  6. Viewing Hrs ZZZ - Gobby
  7. VAP - Don Froth
  8. Turmoil - Wagner
  9. Phrenic Mischa - It's a Fine Line edit
  10. XXX - Don Froth
  11. XXX - XXX
  12. Bendin' (Lol Boys Remix) - Richelle
  13. Listening in 7 - DJ Jus-Ed
  14. XXX - CFCF
  15. Sure Thing (Physical Therapy Bootleg) - Miguel
  16. You Lie - Sennennes
Mr. Uno teaches us what he knows best at a late night affair during this year's Pop Montreal festival.